Meghan Markle Breaks Down In Tears From Criticism Over Breaking Royal Protocol, ‘Hollywood Life’ Reports

Meghan Markle is starting to feel the pressure of being in the royal family, a new report indicates.

Just one month after the royal wedding, the sheen is apparently wearing off for the American actress as she has come under scrutiny for her difficulty in adhering to royal protocol. A new report from Hollywood Life claimed that the Duchess of Sussex broke down in tears when she was accused of “disrespecting the Queen” for crossing her legs at a public event. Meghan also tried to hold Prince Harry’s hand, the report noted, another breech of royal protocol.

The string of incidents now has Meghan on edge, the report claimed.

“Meghan does worry about messing up, she worries terribly, because she wants to do everything perfectly, so she really beats herself up when she gets even the tiniest thing wrong. But, there is so much to remember, so many minuscule little details, it’s kind of mind-blowing really – and all incredibly high pressured too, as it’s all under a microscope at the same time,” the celebrity news outlet quoted a “palace insider.”

While Meghan may be placing a lot of pressure on herself, the report noted that Prince Harry has been incredibly supportive, as has Queen Elizabeth II, who has made Meghan feel a part of the family.

The notoriously difficult British press — especially the tabloids — are another story.

“The British press is constantly jumping on each and every little faux pas though, and publicly reprimanding Meghan, it’s horrible really, and some days she ends up in tears,” the source claimed. “Harry is so protective of Meghan, and he hates how some of the newspapers write about her, it reminds him of his mother, and the way she was treated by the press, and sometimes Harry worries that nothing has really changed.”

Meghan’s struggles to fit into royal protocol have become popular tabloid fodder. This weekend, The Sun published video that showed Prince Harry rejecting Meghan’s attempt to hold his hand and drew comparisons to her new sister-in-law, Kate Middleton, who has always been keen to stick to royal protocol and stayed away from public shows of affection with her husband. There has also been plenty of focus on Markle’s family drama, including her strained relationship with her father.

While the report claimed that Meghan Markle is struggling to deal with the criticism and pressure of being in the royal family, the Duchess of Sussex has not given any public indication that this is the case.

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