Princess Beatrice Inspired By Meghan Markle To Dress Her Age

Meghan Markle is having a positive effect on several members of the royal family, and this includes Princess Beatrice, the oldest daughter of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson. Gone are the big boxy dresses with shoulder pads, and in are fitted styles that are more appropriate for a woman in her twenties.

Celebrity stylist and PR agency owner Rochelle White told the Daily Mail that the arrival of Meghan Markle seems to be shaping everyone’s style, but perhaps none more than Princess Beatrice, who has dumped the large prints and sensible shoes for a more streamlined look. White said that the princess noticed that the Duchess of Sussex’s style has gotten a lot of attention in the worldwide press, and she wishes to follow suit.

“Beatrice has definitely been taking notes on the royal fashion of Meghan. She has been a big influence on fashion, trends, and style and I think she has seen the power in that. This has probably made her look at her own fashion and style choices.”

White is calling it the “the Meghan effect.” She says that Princess Beatrice has certainly noticed that when Markle wears a particular coat or dress, it sells out immediately.

And Beatrice isn’t only emulating Meghan’s looks since marrying into the royal family, she has obviously checked out many of Markle’s looks through the years and adopted a more relaxed and stylish look more befitting a 29-year-old.

“Looking at her, she has grown into a more sophisticated trendy style. The styles she is choosing now are much more fashionable and on trend. I think they look much more flattering for her.”

Rochelle White says that the older princess is coming into her own and she looks wonderful in these age-appropriate styles that make her look like a modern royal.

“I really like her new look. Personally, I thought she dressed older than her years and never really rated her outfits.

“Now, I feel she has been inspired by Kate and Meghan, which has helped her review her own style and help define what works for you and what she likes. I think she is coming into her own with her fashion and style choices and is great to see. This could open up the door for her.”

In the fall, Princess Beatrice is going to get a big chance to shine as maid of honor at the wedding of her sister, Princess Eugenie, and Jack Brooksbank. Her choice of dress will be something to look for according to royal and fashion-watchers.

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