Meghan Markle May Have To Eat Dinner With President Donald Trump After Calling Him ‘Misogynistic’

Meghan Markle may have to endure a rather awkward dinner in the near future. By marrying Prince Harry, she ensured that she would no longer have to live in the United States during Donald Trump’s presidency. However, the Duchess of Sussex may not be able to completely avoid the American leader. Markle has expressed her distaste for Trump in the past, but according to a royal expert, she may have to interact with him next month when he heads to the U.K. for a “working visit.”

As reported by the Daily Express, few details about President Donald Trump’s U.K. visit have been revealed, including the identities of all the royal family members who are expected to meet with him other than Queen Elizabeth. However, Meghan Markle may be feeling some pressure to greet Trump when he arrives. After all, the former Suits actress is the U.K.’s “first American princess,” and the former host of The Apprentice is the sitting American president.

Royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams suggested that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry may even be forced to dine with Donald Trump and first lady Melania at an official banquet. This might be an uncomfortable situation for Meghan, who made it abundantly clear that she’s no fan of Donald Trump during a 2016 interview on The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore. Markle called Trump “misogynistic” and “divisive,” and she joked that she might move to Canada if he won the presidency.

According to the biography Meghan: A Hollywood Princess, Markle’s dislike for Trump goes way back. The book recounts how Markle used to work as a briefcase girl on the game show, Deal or No Deal. According to The Cut, one of her fellow briefcase girls told the book’s author, Andrew Morton, that Markle gave Donald Trump “a wide berth” when he visited the set of the show over a decade ago.

Donald Trump and Meghan Markle might have a difficult time conversing with one another over dinner, but at least Prince Harry might feel at ease around Melania Trump. As reported by CNN, the Duke of Sussex met the first lady last September at the Invictus Games. She reportedly extended an invitation to Prince Harry to visit the White House, which he is yet to do.

Melania Trump Invited Prince Harry For A White House Visit

If Meghan Markle does end up putting her personal feelings about the president aside and agreeing to spend time with him during his visit, this may place further strain on her relationship with her father. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Thomas Markle and his daughter are currently not on speaking terms. Thomas recently complained about Donald Trump’s trip to the U.K., expressing his displeasure that Queen Elizabeth had agreed to meet with the “arrogant and insensitive president” when she would not extend the same courtesy to him.

“I’m nowhere near as bad,” Thomas Markle told TMZ.

Richard Fitzwilliams said that it’s ultimately “up to the royal family” whether Meghan Markle dines with Donald Trump, and he hinted that the royals might view her presence at the dinner table as something that could be beneficial for their country.

“The emphasis is obviously on goodwill,” Fitzwilliams said. “Visits by American Presidents are intended to reinforce the ‘special relationship’ and Britain needs America’s co-operation in a post-Brexit deal.”

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