‘Miranda Sings’ Colleen Ballinger Is Pregnant And Engaged To ‘Haters Back Off’ Co-Star Erik Stocklin

Haters back off, Colleen Ballinger is pregnant! The actress, comedian, and YouTube star has announced that she’s expecting and will give birth on New Years Day 2019. Ballinger posted a tearful video on June 29 to reveal the news to her subscribers. It currently has over 3 million views.

In the video, Ballinger takes us back to April 24, 2018, the day she found out she was pregnant.

“I have a baby in me,” she whispers before it cuts to a montage of her giving friends and family the good news. There are a couple of YouTube stars in the montage like Lilly Singh aka “SuperWoman.” We also see a quick shot of Ballinger sharing her pregnancy news with of Frankie J. Grande, Ariana Grande’s brother at around minute 1:16.

Then Ballinger, who’s best known for creating the character Miranda from the Miranda Sings YouTube channel and Netflix’s Haters Back Off, tells her audience that she is 13 weeks pregnant. She goes on to share why she kept it a secret for so long.

“I wanted to Kylie Jenner all of y’all and let it be just for me and for Erik and not talk about it too quickly,” she said.

By Erik, she means Erik Stocklin, her Haters Back Off co-star. During the clip, she also discloses that she’s been hiding the fact that they’re engaged.

Although she expressed lots of excitement about becoming a first-time mom, Ballinger told fans not to expect too many “mommy vlogs” on her channel. She plans to post a couple of pregnancy updates but will continue to post the content that her subscribers have come to expect from her.

As for how the pregnancy has been so far, Ballinger told People Magazine that’s it’s been difficult for her.

“It’s been so miserable. I feel like people don’t talk enough about how hard it is. I had no idea,” she said, adding that she’s been “grumpy and moody”

Of course, now that Colleen Ballinger is pregnant, it means that her character Miranda is technically expecting as well. During her announcement video, she revealed that she’s thought “long and hard” about how to approach that and that she has a fun idea for how she’ll deal with it.

According to her bio on Axs.com, Ballinger created Miranda in 2008 to parody aspiring singers who were uploading videos to YouTube to build a name for themselves. She started a series called Miranda Sings on YouTube and became known for her exaggerated red lips, overblown self-esteem, and dodgy advice.

Miranda became very popular on the platform, so Ballinger started performing as Miranda at small venues. But over time, her success skyrocket and she started booking high-profile opportunities like appearances on The View and The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon.

Netflix came calling too and worked with Ballinger to develop Haters Back Off around Miranda. The show ran for two seasons on the streaming platform.

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