Harry Potter Collectible Barbie Dolls Released By Mattel

Harry Potter dolls are now a thing. Twenty-one years after J.K. Rowling’s iconic book series first hit store shelves with the debut novel Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (titled Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone in the U.S.), the beloved characters will take on a new life as collectible dolls. Harry Potter fan site Mugglenet shared all the details of the Barbie-like dolls, which will be released by Mattel in August.

The set includes younger versions of Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Ginny Wesley, and Hermione Granger as well as Barbie-size versions of Professor Dumbledore and Professor McGonagall. Harry Potter movie fans will note that the dolls are inspired by the characters as seen in Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets, complete with official Hogwarts uniforms and personalized wands for all. The Dumbledore doll is modeled after original Harry Potter actor Richard Harris, not Michael Gambon, who replaced the movie legend after his death in 2002.

The dolls will be sold separately at a reasonable $20.97 each. The collectible Harry Potter dolls are currently available for pre-order online at Walmart.com ahead of the August release in the U.S. The dolls are expected to be available in the U.K. by September.

You can see a sneak peek of the Harry Potter collectible dolls below.

Harry Potter is in good company with an official Mattel doll release. The toy brand has released a long list of pop culture and movie inspired dolls in the past, including dolls based on Wonder Woman, Star Trek, Jurassic World, and the award-winning children’s book (and recent big screen movie) A Wrinkle in Time.

News of the Harry Potter dolls comes on the heels of the recent Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts mini figures line from LEGO and two new ghostly additions to the Harry Potter Funko Pop! In addition, the Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery video game launched in April, and it features with the voices of the original actors from the film series. Teen Vogue reported that ahead of Hogwart’s video game release, Jam City CEO Chris DeWolfe said the goal was to make the game feel like a real-life experience for fans of the franchise.

“Our goal with Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is to make players really feel for the first time like they’re attending Hogwarts,” he said. “By including these iconic and incredibly talented actors in the game, we come one step closer to truly giving fans their own Hogwarts experience.”

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