Kardashians Reportedly Cut Ties With Joyce Bonelli Because They Were ‘Sick Of Her Lies’

There’s a reason why the show is called Keeping Up With the Kardashians; it’s because it’s so hard to keep up with their countless relationships.

As the Inquisitr reported earlier today, the Kardashian/Jenner clan have apparently cut ties with their longtime makeup artist, Joyce Bonelli. According to a source, “the family doesn’t speak to her anymore,” and “she hasn’t worked for them for months.” This obviously comes as a shock to many as they have watched the Kardashians and Joyce’s close relationship play out in front of the cameras in many episodes of their hit show. Last year, Bonelli also said that she and the Kardashians were like sisters, claiming that they text everyday.

But now new details on the whole scandal are coming to light. According to People, things between Bonelli and the Kardashians went south at some point last year. A source close to the situation says that Bonelli allegedly “tried to go around them on a deal so the Kardashians wouldn’t make money off of it. They caught on and Kim stopped following her, but Khloé and Joyce remained amicable.” Eventually, Khloe also cut ties with Bonelli and now none of the sisters are on speaking terms with their former makeup artist.

“Joyce would conveniently fly out of town for big Kardashian parties so people wouldn’t catch on. And after Kim and her parted ways, she would upload pictures of Kim and call Kim her ‘twin.’ Joyce also claims she came up with the tagline for Kanye’s hit ‘that s— cray,’ which is a lie. The Kardashians were just over her lies and the trying to cheat them out of money was the cherry on top.”

And once the rumors of the split between the now frenemies broke, Bonelli posted a telling photo on her Instagram account today, perhaps confirming that the rumors are indeed true. In the snapshot, the makeup artist dons a robe that reads ” f*** with me, I dare you.” And many fans are taking her latest post as a message to the Kardashian clan. Thus far, the photo has already earned over 52,000 likes in addition to 600-plus comments.

Many fans were quick to comment on the picture to dish on the drama between Bonelli and the Kardashians with a few sticking up in defense of the Kardashians, while a few others stuck up for Bonelli instead.

“You should have known not to trust a Kardashian.”

“#TeamKardashian,” another wrote.

So far, none of the Kardashian sisters have publicly commented on the alleged feud.

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