Duchess Meghan Is Reportedly Costing Prince Charles Millions

Prince Charles raised two boys, so it’s understandable if he was unaware of how much having a daughter might cost. As any father of girls might tell you, while a boy may outeat a girl, just about everything else for a female costs a bit more. According to Yahoo! Lifestyle, the addition of his latest daughter-in-law, Meghan Markle, has taken that figure of “a bit more: into the millions. They report that “Prince Charles paid $6.5 million for Prince Harry, Prince William, and Kate last year, compared with the previous year’s $4.6 million — an increase of about $1.88 million.” Spending rose more toward the end of 2017, coinciding with Harry and Meghan’s engagement, with many believing that the extra money was due to her joining him on public engagements.

“For example, the $78,000 Ralph & Russo dress Meghan wore for her engagement photos at Frogmore House most likely contributed to the elevated spending,” reports Yahoo! Lifestyle. Not only is it because Meghan had joined her then-fiancé on more events, but all of the young royals have been attending more public engagements as Queen Elizabeth II is handing off more of her royal duties to the younger generation. It’s understandable that the 92-year-old monarch would want to scale back her schedule.

After all, she has certainly earned the right to step back and let her son’s children do more. They are the future of the monarchy and have been welcomed into the hearts of their subjects, much like their mother, Princess Diana, was. Still, it is costing Prince Charles a pretty penny to cover all of their expenses.

Yahoo! Lifestyle reports that he’s able to afford it.

“He pays for his children and their spouses through his hereditary estate, the Duchy of Cornwall, which owns 131,000 acres across 23 counties in southwest England. This estate is thought to bring in an average $28.5 million a year.”

Perhaps all of the blame for the skyrocketing costs shouldn’t be laid at the feet of his children. The Telegraph reports that a trip by Charles and Camilla, their royal tour of India, Malaysia, Brunei, and Singapore in October, 2017, came in at an impressive $476,000. Also noted in the article was that the cost for the royal family’s travel rose year over year between 2016 and 2017 from $5.9 million to $6.1 million. Then again, considering how many tourism dollars Harry and Meghan’s recent wedding had to have brought in, perhaps Meghan can suggest to her father-in-law that they call it even.

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