Melania Trump Turns On Donald, Feels ‘Disgusted’ After Seeing Child Detention Center, ‘Hollywood Life’ Reports

Melania Trump is breaking with her husband on his policy of separating immigrant children from their parents, and it’s reportedly taking a big toll on the first couple’s marriage.

The first lady has largely stayed out of politics and policy decisions, but over the last week has been increasingly active regarding Donald’s now-scrapped child separation policy, releasing a statement and visiting a child detention facility. After the trip opened her eyes to the plight of the young children, Melania is reportedly “disgusted” with her husband for the heartless policy, a source told Hollywood Life.

The celebrity gossip outlet claimed that Melania has been deeply affected by seeing the migrant children who have been torn away from their parents, and the anger is driving her away from Donald.

“When Melania first saw the news reports about immigrant children being separated from their parents she immediately felt it was wrong,” a source told Hollywood Life. “And as a mother she knew she had to act. Seeing the devastation that [the policy has] caused makes her feel truly ashamed.”

The report went on to say that Melania Trump was distraught over what she saw in two “tender age” shelters, which cater to babies and toddlers.

“The more Melania learns about the immigration crisis and the more children she meets, the more her heart breaks,” the source told the gossip outlet. “And she’s become more disgusted at Donald and the policies he’s been pushing.”

While the images have driven a wedge between Donald and Melania Trump, they have also strengthened Melania’s resolve to fight her husband’s policy, the report claimed.

The celebrity news website has claimed that Melania Trump is growing increasingly angry and defiant toward her husband. A previous report from Hollywood Life claimed that Melania’s infamous “I Really Don’t Care” jacket that she wore to her first trip to a child detention facility was a message to her husband that she didn’t appreciate being part of a publicity ploy.

This left Donald furious and embarrassed, prompting him to fire off a hasty tweet claiming that Melania’s jacket was really a statement at the “fake news” media — directly contradicting a statement hours before from Melania’s official spokeswoman claiming that there was no hidden message in the jacket.

Despite the growing reports of trouble between Donald and Melania Trump, neither of them have ever spoken publicly about marital difficulties and they have continually denied reports of trouble.

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