Kim Accuses Kourtney Of Not Wanting To Be A Kardashian In New ‘KUWTK’ Season 15 Trailer

A shocking new Keeping Up With the Kardashians Season 15 trailer reveals all-out drama for the reality TV family, as Kim says Kourtney doesn’t want to be a Kardashian anymore.

According to an E! News report, Season 15 of KUWTK premieres on E! on Sunday, August 5, at 9 p.m. EDT, and judging by the first trailer, things get crazy real quick.

The trailer starts out calmly with Kim sitting in a producer’s chair.

“Oh hey, guys. It’s Kimberly. Remember me? It’s been a minute. Did you miss us? ‘Cause we missed you. But don’t worry, you didn’t miss anything,” she says.

Then, the video cuts to scenes of all the new Kardashian pregnancies and babies while Kim ironically says “not much has changed.” Kylie, Kim, and Khloe all have new babies, and the upcoming season undoubtedly deals with the sister’s pregnancies and surrogacy in some way.

Meanwhile, Kim also discusses how incredibly close the sisters are, while the scenes show the famous reality TV women cursing each other like the most hardened sailors. Perhaps the most shocking moment of all, though, is when Kim accuses Kourtney of no longer even wanting to be part of their famous family.

After Kim and Kourtney exchange heated words, Kim and Khloe talk. Kim says of her older sister, “She just doesn’t want to be a Kardashian anymore.” Khloe’s replies “She can shove Kardashian up her f–king vagina!” Goodness.

People who have siblings or those they feel as close as brothers and sisters know that siblings fight. Sometimes those fights get way out of control, but in the end, usually siblings make up, too, and that’s precisely what happened for these KUWTK reality TV stars. Even so, fans are dying to know what started the drama and why Kim felt Kourtney didn’t want to be part of the family anymore, which is exactly the point of the trailer — to pique interest.

Meanwhile, all the new babies arrived, and they’re growing up so quickly, and the sisters have likely moved on from their feud and onto even new drama, which may or may not be part of Season 15 of the show.

As for Kourtney, the mother-of-three is quite clearly still a Kardashian despite Kim’s accusations, and as Inquistr recently reported, she’s enjoying her “cougar” life with younger boyfriend, Younes Bendjima in beautiful Capri, Italy, where they are enjoying the sights, some rest and relaxation, and each other.

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