‘Resident Evil 6’ PC Release, Siege Mode DLC Slated For March

Capcom has confirmed that Resident Evil 6 will be released for the PC this March.

In addition to the release date, the company announced the PC version of the title will feature an exclusive new mode. According to Gamespot, the “The Mercenaries: No Mercy” mode is essentially the same as previous games. However, this version gives you quite a few more enemies to fight at one time.

Capcom also stated that the PC edition of Resident Evil 6 will come packaged with all of the patches that have been released for consoles thus far. This includes the Ada Wong campaign being available from the start and the ability to make adjustments to the in-game camera.

PC gamers can expected the previously-released expansion packs to become available at some point after its March release date.

Joystiq reports that a new Resident Evil 6 DLC package is headed to consoles in March as well. Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 owners will soon be able to downloaded Siege Mode, which allows players to square off against one another as heroes and monsters.

Interested parties should expect to drop around $4 for the online mode. The company explained that the new content will be available at some point in March. A specific date has yet to be released.

Capcom said last year that sales of Resident Evil 6 had fallen short of expectations. Although the game moved several copies during the first few weeks, these numbers quickly tapered off once fans of the series had made their purchases.

As a result, Video Gamer explained that the company was forced to make some adjustments to the number of copies it hoped to move by the end of 2012. Instead of the selling seven million copies, Capcom lowered the number of six million.

Unless something changes between now and then, Resident Evil 6 for PC will hit shelves on March 22. Are you looking forward to the game’s release?

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