Rihanna’s Alleged Stalker: Cops Granted Access To Social Media Accounts, ‘TMZ’ Reports

Pop singer and makeup mogul Rihanna is busy traveling around the world on a regular basis. Between her wildly successful makeup brand, Fenty Beauty, her starring role in this summer’s blockbuster movie Ocean’s 8, and her latest business venture, a women’s lingerie brand appropriately titled SavagexFenty, Rihanna’s schedule is so jam-packed that fans are lucky if they can get a quick glance of the 30-year-old.

Well, when one overzealous fan took things too far and decided that he wanted to get an up-close-and-personal view of the singer, the fan got way more than he bargained for.

Last month, TMZ reported that Eduardo Leon was arrested and charged with breaking into Rihanna’s Los Angeles home and spending an entire night hanging out and waiting for her arrival. According to the media outlet, Leon had let himself in with the intentions of planning to have sex with her, but not in a forceful way. When the door to Rihanna’s home finally opened, Leon was hoping and expecting to see the Barbadian native but was instead tased and arrested by police.

Before his most recent arrest, cops caught him breaking into Rihanna’s old house thinking she still lived there and was also arrested at that time.

As of late, TMZ is reporting that the man who is accused of breaking into Rihanna’s home and allegedly stalking her is about to gain a few new unwanted followers on social media — the police. According to the new report, police have been given the green light to gain access to Leon’s social media accounts to prove further that he was keeping track of Rihanna’s whereabouts before breaking in. Cops believed gaining access to his social media will prove he was fixated on Rihanna and made repeated efforts to locate her.

The media outlet also revealed that Leon’s court hearing for the stalking case is currently on hold until a judge determines if he’s mentally fit to stand trial. Until then he’s still being held on bail.

Unfortunately for Rihanna, stalkers are one of the major downsides of being a successful, beautiful celebrity like herself. Despite the downside, Rihanna recently revealed that in the midst of all her successful business ventures popping off, she is currently working on what her fans have been wanting for months. “I actually am in the studio and working on new music,” she recently said in an interview. When pressed for more details she added, “You’ll just have to wait and see. I’ll come back when I put it out.”

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