‘Days Of Our Lives’ June 28: Abby Trusts Gabi, Ciara & Ben Connect, Steve Receives News, Kate’s Busted [Recap]

On today’s June 28 episode of Days of our Lives, Kayla shows up at the DiMera mansion with photos connecting Kate to Leo. Stefan says it’s very good information to have and he knows just how to use it. Stefan admits that he is fairly certain he has seen Leo before, at the bar speaking with his mother Vivian.

After Stefan agrees that Kayla has given him enough information to follow through with her end of the bargain, he says that he will call Steve and give him the good news. Kayla refuses to let him call Steve, saying that he can’t ever know that Stefan was a player in this.

If Steve knew that Kayla was letting Sonny suffer and making secret deals with a man he despises, he would never forgive her.

After her meeting with Stefan, Kayla delivers some “fantastic news” to Steve. She claims that Stefan sold the company Visionary Bionics to another company and that she has a contact there. She assures Steve that Stefan is no longer connected to the robotic eye in any way.

On the other side of Salem, Days viewers watch as Kate tells Leo it is no longer in her best interest to take Titan down, not with Chad as the new CEO

Leo has grown extremely greedy and refuses to sign the settlement papers.

“Apparently, you are under the impression that you have a say in this. You don’t. I call the shots.”

Kate warns Leo that if he talks, he would be facing a long line of charges. Leo insists that Sonny has a soft spot for him, and a real connection. He believes that he can run to Sonny and apologize, getting a larger settlement as a “thank you.”

Leo runs out of the room, settlement papers in hand, saying he needs time to think about it. After leaving Kate’s room, Leo texts Sonny asking to meet with him.

Kate gets a knock at the door and someone slides an envelope into the room. The envelope contains the photographs taken by Kayla with a note from Stefan. “Let’s talk.” Angrily, Kate shreds the photo proof and throws the pieces on the floor as Stefan toasts his mother.

In the meantime, Abby confides the news that she is pregnant to Gabi who suggests keeping it a secret. Gabi suggests not telling Chad about her pregnancy until she knows for sure who the father is. There is no reason to make Chad worry. If it turns out to be Chad’s baby, she can tell him the good news.

Days of our Lives viewers feel for Abby as she wonders what will happen if it turns out that she is carrying her brother-in-law’s child. Now that Abby has integrated her alters, she has most of their memories. She is aware that it was Gabby’s choice to get into the bed with Stefan and now realizes her alter’s choices have consequences.

Chad finds Abby at the pub and wonders why the ladies’ conversation feels so serious.

Abby, against Gabi’s advice, begins to tell Chad the truth. Gabi stops her by spitting out the fact that she is going back to work with Stefan.

Chad’s response in regards to Gabi going back to work with Stefan cemented Abby’s choice to keep the pregnancy secret. That is until they can get a DNA sample confirming paternity. Gabi promises to keep Abby’s secret, claiming that they are friends. After watching Gabi’s slightly jealous reaction to Abby and Chad’s happiness, many Days viewers aren’t so sure that she will.

Across town at the Salem PD, a panicked Hope is explaining to Rafe that Ciara is probably with Ben Weston. Chad confirmed that he dropped Ben off near the accident site. Rafe calls the sanitarium and verifies that Ben has a pair of boots matching the print they found next to Ciara’s bike.

Rafe comforts Hope by telling her that Ben needs to check in with his doctors soon, and will eventually need to get his medication filled. If Ben tries to talk to his father or his sister, Jordan, they will know soon. Hope trusts Marlena’s instinct that Ben is cured, however, she worries about a relapse.

At the cabin where she is staying with Ben, Ciara feels gross and wants to get cleaned up. Ben doesn’t think she should take a shower and get the splint wet. He hands her a bowl and a sponge and waits outside so that she can bathe. Ben offers to help wash her feet but gives her the knife for protection first.

“Okay, this is officially bizarre. I can’t believe I’m getting a sponge bath from the Necktie Killer.”

Ciara is extremely ticklish and in the middle of the sponge bath, she kicks Ben in the face. When he laughs it off instead of getting angry, Ciara claims that she may not need the knife anymore. She is starting to trust him. Of course, he understands if she wants to hang onto it. Ben is aware that it may be a very long time before the people in Salem aren’t terrified of him anymore.

Days of our Lives viewers notice that Ben only has one pill left in his bottle. He takes it before serving dinner to Ciara.

Days of our Lives airs weekdays on NBC.

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