NBA Rumors: LeBron James Texted Kevin Durant About Joining Him On The Lakers, Suggests Stephen A. Smith

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith dropped a bombshell regarding LeBron James, Kevin Durant, and the Los Angeles Lakers. On ESPN’s First Take Stephen A. Smith is reporting that LeBron James made an attempt to reach out to Kevin Durant in an effort to lure him the Los Angeles Lakers. LeBron James’ method was via text.

LeBron James playing for the Los Angeles Lakers is steadily building momentum. Just a few days ago it was widely speculated that LeBron James would not play for the Lakers unless they acquired another NBA superstar first. That sentiment about James and the Lakers has since changed.

According to Sporting News, LeBron James could be the first domino to fall for the Los Angeles Lakers. If that sentiment holds to be true it will be a break from the norm. And it would be great news for the Lakers.

LeBron James approaches NBA free agency at a methodical pace. He takes his time entertaining pitches before making an announcement regarding his intentions. If a swift decision comes from LeBron James about the Lakers, chances are high that he made up his mind a long time ago. Also, that James worked behind the scenes hoping to poach talent so that he will not go to the Lakers alone.

LeBron James text message recruitment of Kevin Durant is not uncommon. It is actually wise on James’ part. LeBron James attempt to recruit Kevin Durant to join him on the Los Angeles Lakers makes the Lakers instant title favorites as it weakens the Golden State Warriors.

However, Kevin Durant leaving the Warriors to play with LeBron James in Los Angeles would ruin his legacy. It is a notion which may have illicit an uproarious response from Durant.

Stephen A. Smith followed up his assertions with the fact that Kevin Durant laughed off LeBron James. If so, it may suggest a lot about the NBA’s best player.

For as good as LeBron James is, he needs help if he wants to dethrone the Golden State Warriors. By joining the Los Angeles Lakers, LeBron James has a good chance at giving the Warriors trouble in the Western Conference. There are great obstacles which still loom, however.

If the Lakers acquire Kawhi Leonard from the San Antonio Spurs, James draws even closer. With a bit of luck, the two of them can beat the Warriors in a best-of-seven series. LeBron James by himself only makes things interesting.

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