Snapchat Will Soon Delve Into Gaming

Sources at Snapchat have told journalists at TechCrunch that they are further exploring a new area of ideas. Innovative as always, Snap has set its eyes on the gaming industry. Hoping to appeal to younger audiences, those at the company have already pitched this idea to various developers a little over two weeks ago, according to reports at Tech Radar. Are we talking about a mobile app version of Far Cry? Not exactly.

Keep in mind that this is not Snapchat’s first hand in the cookie jar. The recent release of Snapables was met with excitement once users were able to experience the hyped augmented reality version of gaming. Using facial movements, users are able to play some games either solo or in groups. The lens for this feature are available alongside other playful lenses when using the front facing camera of one’s mobile phone. These types of games have already been rolling out over the past couple weeks. More information about Snapables can be found on Newsweek. However, while a niffy new feature to the application, Snapables pales in comparison to the ever-more-daring idea of Snapchat Spectacles.

December 21, 2016: Snapchat’s Snap Inc. Fifth Avenue pop-up store sells Spectacles at Bot vending.

Initially, the first version of Snap’s Spectacles was not well received, despite anticipation expressed by users. Able to strap onto a person’s face and operate similar to a GoPro, Snapchat Spectacles caused an uproar during round one. That was until users finally got their hands on theses glasses, only to find the execution was not up to the expected standard. Besides the underwhelming functions, such products were also only released via a literal travelling vending machine. If you’re scratching your head at that gimmick, so were users. Only selling 220,000 of these items, Snapchat must have been disappointed in the turnout as well. The frames are making a 2018 comeback, however, and will enjoy a wide release for direct purchase online from day one. Snapchat Spectacles are expected to sell on Amazon and eBay for around $149, if you live in the U.S. They will likely sell for a bit more in the UK and AU, says Tech Radar.

Yet these supposedly new and improved glasses are not the only installment that the company will be rolling out this year. If developers pick up another gaming idea as well, Snapchat users will be seeing a gaming app store inside Snapchat. An application inception, it would seem. Last month, Snapchat had an acquisition with PlayCanvas, a cloud-based engine, cites Gamasutra. These games will be downloadable tiles and will function more like Facebook games, which boosted that company’s business quite a lot back in 2009 through 2010 and continues to build profit.

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