WWE News: Enzo Amore Reveals What Happened Backstage When He Was Sent Home From ‘Raw 25,’ To Lose CW Title

The release of Big Cass put a complete and total end to the “realest guys in the room” in WWE as Enzo Amore was released back in January on the night of Raw 25. Sexual assault allegations were brought against Amore, now known as Real1, and police confirmed an investigation was ongoing against him on that day. Now, Amore is talking about what went on backstage on the day he was sent home from Monday Night Raw, and it was a lot.

Eventually, Amore was released from his WWE contract and that was the end of their relationship even though the charges against him never amounted to any punishment from authorities. Amore was a guest on The Steve Austin Show podcast this week and he decided to reveal everything that went on backstage at Raw 25.

Believe it or not, it appears as if Enzo was going to be one of the busier superstars of the night as he was scheduled for multiple segments. Remember that random poker game which took place backstage with the APA, Ted Dibiase, Jeff Hardy, and a whole host of other WWE personalities?

As reported by Pro Wrestling Sheet, Enzo Amore was actually supposed to join that poker game and lost almost everything he had. With the night going on, he was actually going to lose the WWE Cruiserweight Title to Dibiase and the APA after throwing down a bad hand.

That wasn’t all that Enzo Amore was scheduled for at Raw 25 as he was also set to have a match against Goldust which he was going to lose. After the match, the Dudley Boyz were going to come out and deliver an extreme beatdown on Real1 to the thrill of all the fans.

Goldust didn’t end up having a match, but the Dudleys did put Heath Slater through a table with a 3D.

Real1 also stated that the on-screen relationship between him and Nia Jax that night was supposed to move forward and carry on. He claims that Nia would win his Cruiserweight Title back for him in the poker game and give it back to him.

Amore claims that the end of that storyline wasn’t going to end well and it would eventually lead to a few between Nia Jax and Alexa Bliss. The way the storyline was going to play out is that Nia would find out Enzo Amore was having an affair with Alexa Bliss which would cause tension between the best friends.

Enzo Amore, aka Real1, is now doing his own thing with other ventures in his life, but his wrestling career may not be done. Still, there isn’t a very good chance that he will ever return to WWE as Real1 claims to have blocked every company number because he feels they didn’t support him during his legal troubles. It certainly would have been interesting to see just how far he could have gone, especially knowing such big plans were in place for him at Raw 25.

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