50-Year-Old Supermodel Helena Christensen Wears The Same Bikini She Wore Nearly 30 Years Ago

In her prime, Helena Christensen was one of the most beautiful — and photographed — women in the world. She walked the runway for some of the biggest names in fashion, dated the sexiest rock stars (including the late, great Michael Hutchence of INXS), and lived the high life.

But one of her most interesting photographs was the one she took for the cover of L.A. Style magazine, where she posed in a metallic Thierry Mugler bikini.

Now, 27 years after that infamous photograph, taken by the legendary photographer Herb Ritts, Helena Christensen donned the same bikini for an InStyle Magazine photo spread, taken on the streets of New York City, and it fits her just as well as it did all those years ago.

The Daily Mail has some of the photos from the shoot, which you can check out by clicking here.

Even though she looks absolutely amazing, Christensen admitted that she had some “issues” when she put on the infamous bikini.

She said that seeing herself in the classic get-up brought out her “body issues,” but then decided that she needed to “get on with it” and just take the photo.

The “Badass Women” issue of InStyle Magazine also features Serena Williams on the cover. You can check out some other photos from the shoot below.

But Helena Christensen isn’t just known for her work in front of the lens; she’s actually a well-traveled and accomplished photographer whose work has appeared in such outlets as Nylon, Marie Claire, and Elle.

Walking Dead fans know her as the mother of Norman Reedus’ oldest son, Mingus, who just graduated high school.

According to People Magazine, the duo — who were in a long-term relationship after Helena Christensen broke up with Michael Hutchence — reunited for the boy’s graduation, with Christensen posting a photo of the three of them together with the caption, “so proud of you!”


Reedus is also expecting a baby with his new partner, actress Diane Kruger.

As for Christensen, she told InStyle that even though she was walking down the street in Manhattan in a metal bikini, no one “gave a s**t” about what she looked like, and thought she was just another “weirdo” on her way to work.

“Even though it can be awkward and uncomfortable, it adds something to my life. I like what [modeling] adds. I think it’s important to try all kinds of things in our relatively short lives,” Helena Christensen said.

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