Nicholas Cage Stars In Mesmerizing And Haunting New Trailer For ‘Mandy’

Throughout the very long acting career of Nicholas Cage, he has played some extremely memorable roles, those that should be forgotten, and the very weird. Still, no one really bats an eye at much of any of that because they just pass it off as it being Nicholas Cage. In a new trailer for an action-thriller by the name of Mandy, though, Cage comes off as crazy, psychotic, obsessed, distraught, and incredibly brilliant all at the same time.

The thing is, no one is going to just see this movie and think that it’s simply “crazy old Nicholas Cage.” They’re going to watch Mandy and be drawn in by a performance that looks absolutely stunning even in a two-and-a-half-minute trailer.

Mandy premiered as this year’s Sundance Festival to rave reviews, but it also brought some criticism. Entertainment Weekly‘s Chris Nashawaty said that he loved it, but that there were some people who ended up walking out of the theater as it progressed.

“When people describe certain movies as ‘not for everyone,’ this is exactly what they’re talking about. I loved it and can’t wait to see it again.”

That is coming from a theater that was full of movie critics which means it’s going to be very interesting to see how everyday viewers take to it.

As revealed by Bloody-Disgusting, the trailer for the action-thriller known as Mandy dropped on Wednesday, and it’s intriguing.

The premise of Mandy may seem rather simple as it stars Cage in the role of Red who has found his soulmate in Mandy (Andrea Riseborough). A religious cult led by their demonic leader (Linus Roach) kidnaps Mandy with the plan to possess her body, mind, and soul.

After being attacked by the cult in an incredibly strange and hellish fashion, Mandy has been taken to be one of their own. Set out with a vengeance and taste for revenge, Red takes matters into his own hands and will do everything necessary to get his love back.

The trailer is safe for work, but a few scenes may be disturbing to some viewers.

As is evidently obvious from the trailer above, Mandy is dark, frightening, and quite haunting in its presentation. The movie isn’t going to be bright colors and come forward with any kind of good feelings or high spirits.

No, Mandy is a dark thriller that is going to test the bounds of what some people may be able to handle as acceptable. When you look back at the career of Nicholas Cage, it is filled with movies that people will always remember for one reason or another. The theatrical release of Mandy on Sept. 14 is going to have audiences questioning their own sanity and remembering the veteran actor for something much more sinister.

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