‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Elizabeth Faces A Shocker As Her Wedding Day With Franco Draws Closer

The preview for this week’s episodes of General Hospital has plenty of spoilers and teases packed into just 15 seconds, and the bit featuring Elizabeth has everybody buzzing. Her wedding to Franco is on the horizon at last and he has been intent on bringing some of her family back for the big day. Someone shows up at the door later this week and it seems that Liz will be left speechless by this arrival. Who’s at the door and what’s known so far about this supposed shocker?

At this point, fan speculation about this surprise is all over the place. The preview that has everybody talking was shared via the show’s Twitter page and General Hospital spoilers suggest that Elizabeth is facing a shocking reunion toward the end of the week. While the hype is leading people to think this will be a big reveal, fans should probably brace themselves to be underwhelmed.

Everybody has watched Franco try to connect with Elizabeth’s sister Sarah as well as her parents. Not long ago there was a tease that made it seem as if Sarah Webber had excitedly posted about her little sister’s wedding and many are anticipating a Sarah recast to shake things up. Of course, there is still a pregnant Hayden out there somewhere and General Hospital fans would be thrilled to see her back.

The door was left open for Rebecca Budig to return as Hayden, but there has been no reliable information indicating that this is happening. The timing, of course, would be perfect, with Liz hopefully marrying Franco soon and Finn finally moving forward in a romance with Anna. There’s been a lot of speculation that Hayden might be the mysterious expectant mother planning to place her child with Lucas and Brad, and that storyline should be progressing soon as well.

If it’s not Sarah or Hayden at the door, who could it be? Of course, it could be one of Liz’s parents, as people have been itching to see her father, in particular, recast and brought back to Port Charles.

General Hospital fans have been buzzing about a supposed storyline involving a transgender character and many speculate that the visitor kicks off this storyline. There doesn’t seem to be much of anything concrete on this front in terms of reliable spoilers, but some viewers think that a familiar character may even return to surprise Elizabeth with news regarding a transition.

Some of the wildest theories suggest that this shocking reunion could even be connected to a return by Lucky. One of the simpler theories is that an aged Cameron or someone more ordinary is back to see Liz, as there have been rumors making the rounds that the show was ready to bring in a teen Cameron.

Viewers are thrilled to see Liz in a promo and are anxious for her to get a front burner storyline again. Will it be someone exciting at the door when she opens it? Unfortunately, General Hospital spoilers haven’t revealed much about when this takes place or how central it is to Liz, her past, or her wedding to Franco. Soap Central notes that Drew will reach out to Liz this week for something, and next week, Franco will be feeling troubled, and that’s about it at the moment.

Will fans be left feeling disappointed when Elizabeth opens the door and this shocking reunion is less than exciting? Will Liz fans finally see something buzzworthy develop to challenge actress Becky Herbst for the first time in a while? Many people have pointed out that Liz seems to look down when she first opens the door, then up, and that has definitely contributed to some of the wild theories that are circulating. Stay tuned for additional General Hospital spoilers as they emerge and check out the rest of this week’s episodes as they air on ABC to see where this heads.

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