Fred Savage Accused Of Violence And Emotional Distress By ‘The Grinder’ Staffer

Fred Savage is the latest in a long list of stars to be accused of inappropriate behavior.

According to the Daily Mail, the former Wonder Years child star is being accused of sexual violence and emotional distress by Youngjoo Hwang, who worked in the wardrobe department of the Fox comedy, The Grinder.

Hwang claims that, in 2015, Fred Savage subjected her to verbal attacks in front of her colleagues, and even hit her three times while she was trying to brush dandruff off his clothes.

What’s more, Hwang claims that he subjected her to a number of other indignities, including gender violence, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and civil conspiracy.

But Savage struck back almost instantly, claiming that Hwang’s claims are “nonsense” and asked that her case against him be dismissed for its lack of merits.

“After having taken advantage of the press conference that invited media coverage and sought to harm Mr Savage’s good name, plaintiff decided to voluntarily – and quietly – dropped six of her claims against Mr Savage (as well as various claims against Fox),” Savage’s lawyer claimed in court.

Fred Savage also disputes the claims of “gender violence” Hwang made against him and claims that the “violent hit on the arm” was merely just him trying to brush her arm away from his so she would “stop touching him.”

His attorney stated that while his client certainly engaged in rude behavior, he did so because he didn’t like Hwang, and that had nothing to do with her gender. His attorney also stated that Fred Savage does not have a history of gender discrimination.

In a statement, Fred Savage claims that an internal investigation was done by Fox at the time Hwang first made her allegations, and at that time, they found no evidence to substantiate her claims.

“None of her claims could be substantiated because they did not happen. I have been working in the entertainment industry my whole life and have always endeavored to treat everyone on any set I work on respectfully and professionally,” he said, adding that he refused to allow “these people” to “denigrate him” with false and baseless accusations.

In the recent past, Savage has also been accused of sexually harassing a costume designer on the set of The Wonder Years, which went off the air in 1993. However, Abbey Mills, who played Fred Savage’s mother on the show, called the claims “completely ridiculous.”

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