Anti-Trumper Eugene Gu Threatens To Sue Donald Trump Jr. Over Domestic Violence Arrest

Dr. Eugene Gu, a Tennessee physician who made headlines for suing President Donald Trump after the president blocked him on Twitter, is now feuding with Donald Trump Jr.

The brouhaha erupted on June 26 after the president’s son sent a tweet asking if the reports that Gu had been arrested for domestic violence in 2015 were true.

Trump tweeted, “Is this real? Wow, could this be the Resistance? MD, Social Activist, Wife Beater???”

Arrested For Domestic Battery

Don Jr. referenced a tweet by a Twitter user called @GuardianRover, who posted a screenshot indicating that Eugene Gu was arrested in February 2015 in California for battery on a spouse and false imprisonment by violence.

Gu admitted on Twitter that he had been arrested for domestic violence, and said the charges came up during the course of a bitter divorce from his ex-wife.

Gu basically claimed that his wife lied and that a judge had dismissed “every single false allegation…and expunged his record,” even though the arrest record is still online.

A Reddit thread shows a post written by his ex-wife Suphain Gu, where she claimed that her ex-husband had allegedly cheated on her numerous times during their marriage. In 2015, she was granted a temporary restraining order against him.

Don Jr. sent his tweet in an apparent bid to expose what he believes is Gu’s hypocrisy. Gu, a leading voice of the anti-Trump “Resistance” movement, claims to be a champion for women’s rights and equality.

Dr. Gu denied that he had beaten up his wife, blaming her “aggressive lawyer” for the abuse accusations. He insisted he was “completely innocent.”

Dr. Gu threatened to sue Donald Trump Jr. for defamation, and then asked his Twitter followers if any attorney would be willing to take on the case pro bono. It’s unclear if anyone took him up on the offer.

Gu was quickly shut down by attorney Will Chamberlain, who explained on Periscope why he believes the doctor has no grounds for a defamation lawsuit against Don Jr.

Chamberlain added that the lawsuit would be thrown out of court if it were filed.

For the record, Trump never accused Gu of beating his wife. He merely asked if the shocking allegations in Gu’s public arrest record were true.

While Gu has sued President Trump for blocking him, several Twitter users pointed out that he has blocked them.

Before President Trump blocked him, Gu was one of numerous Twitter users who immediately respond to his tweets with caustic replies, mockery, and harsh criticism.

Eugene Gu is currently unemployed. As the Inquisitr has reported, Gu was fired from his job as a general surgery resident at Vanderbilt University Medical Center on June 8.

Gu claimed he was let go because of his daily barrage of anti-Trump tweets and the notoriety that brought. “They don’t want that out there in the media,” he said. “It’s troublesome to them, and so they punished me for it.”

In response, Vanderbilt University Medical Center said Gu was let go because of repeated instances of unprofessionalism and poor work performance, which was compiled using feedback from colleagues, attending physicians, and performance evaluations.

“Dr. Gu’s repeated assertions that he was disciplined, or that his residency program contract was not renewed because of his political or social views are simply untrue,” said a rep for the hospital.

One patient refused to be treated by Gu after he tweeted a photo of himself kneeling, claiming he wanted to “fight white supremacy.”

Eugene Gu is a prolific tweeter, and many wondered how a full-time physician had the time to post so often on social media and still do his job.

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