Kendall Jenner Drags A Hater Who Wore A ‘Kill The Kardashians’ Shirt

Kendall Jenner says she was legitimately scared when she saw a man wearing a shirt that read “Kill the Kardashians,” Monsters and Critics is reporting.

According to an Instagram post that has since been deleted, Kendall at some point last week found herself out of milk and decided to go get some (Pedestrian writer Matt Galea quips that the butler must have taken the night off). At some point during her outing, she crossed paths with a hater — details are scant, and it’s not clear if she ran into the hater inside the grocery store (or wherever it was she bought her milk that night) or somewhere else. It’s also not clear if she and the hater got into a verbal confrontation, or if Kendall just complained about the guy afterwards.

Nevertheless, the hater, described by Galea as “an extremely jacked dude,” was wearing a black muscle tank with the words “Kill the Kardashians” emblazoned on it. She managed to snap a pic.

Monsters and Critics writer Shaunee Flowers notes that the experience was almost certainly unpleasant for the young lady, who has been shown on Keeping Up With the Kardashians having panic attacks.

“Being a Kardashian or at least a KarJenner, coming a cross a t-shirt like that while Kendall tried to get in and out of the neighborhood market at night could easily have left her feeling uneasy.”

Clearly the whole thing blew over, else this article would have been titled “Kendall Jenner Gets Into An Altercation With A Hater.”

As for the shirt, that all came about a few years ago, thanks to a hater who directed his ire specifically at Kendall.

Back in 2015, Kendall went to Coachella and saw death-metal band Slayer perform on stage. The young member of the Kardashian clan had the audacity to wear a Slayer shirt, which didn’t sit well with Slayer guitarist Gary Holt (apparently he’d prefer that his fans not be teenager reality-TV celebutantes). So incensed was he at the fact that Kendall dared to like her, that he was later seen performing with a shirt that said, you guessed it, “Kill the Kardashians.”

Holt even made it a point to tell Swedish magazine RockSverige that he “hate[s] their guts.”

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