Jay Z Shows Off 30-Pound Weight Loss Thanks To Beyonce’s Strict Diet Regimen, ‘Radar Online’ Reports

Jay Z may have about 30 fewer problems, and Beyonce’s the one to thank.

The rapper has reportedly dropped about 30 pounds in the past few months thanks to a strict diet plan put in place by his famous wife. A report from Radar Online claimed that Jay Z has eliminated a number of vices from his diet including meats and carb-filled snacks.

“She’s put him on a really punishing regimen and he’s lost a stunning 30 pounds in two months,” a source told the celebrity news outlet.

To help keep Jay Z on track, Beyonce reportedly arranged for some outside help.

“He’s got a sweet tooth and weakness for sugar, but she’s zapped that and has a nutritionist following him around,” the source said.

When Jay Z does stray from his diet, Beyonce reportedly helps him get back in line by encouraging him to do some cardio on the treadmill. She will have ample opportunities to keep an eye on Jay Z and make sure he’s staying in line as the couple has embarked on their joint summer tour and their newest song, “Love Is Everything,” has debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart.

Jay Z’s newfound weight loss could help give him energy for his newest business endeavors. As Billboard reported, the rapper is teaming up with one of the earliest Netflix investors, Larry Marcus, for a new venture fund.

As the report noted, the two have a robust investment portfolio that includes some of the biggest up-and-coming tech outfits.

“The mogul and Tidal owner’s investment portfolio consists of luggage company Away, nail parlor company Julep, and the private-jet startup JetSmarter,” the Billboard report noted. “He also notably invested in Uber’s Series B round in 2011 and earlier this year, Arrive announced it would be backing financial platform Robinhood.”

For those who have followed Jay Z and Beyonce closely, it is no surprise to see an influx of personal stories as they embark on their tour. The story about Jay Z’s weight loss comes amid a number of other stories about their personal lives including their relationship struggles, which are highlighted on their newest album. The last time the couple went on tour together, there was a flood of stories about Jay Z’s alleged infidelity and claims that the couple was headed for divorce. As the tour ended, some sources close to the couple said the stories were leaked on purpose in order to generate more attention for the tour.

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