Rap-A-Lot Records CEO J. Prince Says Drake Is ‘Happy’ That He Didn’t Respond To Pusha T’s Diss Track

With the media firestorm that was ignited during the Drake and Pusha T feud, especially after Pusha’s scathing “The Story of Adidon” diss track, revealing personal detail’s about Drake’s life, the world expected an almost immediate and equally brutal response from the famed Canadian artist.

However, to this day, those anticipations of a retort from the “God’s Plan” rapper have been met with nothing more than a brief statement addressing the photo of him in black-face makeup issued to his Instagram story.

Even though fans are still wondering what Drake may do next, it seems as though Rap-A-Lot Records CEO and close personal friend of the “Nice For What” artist, J. Prince, has some new information regarding where Drake stands mentally following the verbal altercations.

The former manager to such legendary names as Floyd Mayweather sat down with Sway on MTV’s TRL June 25 and spoke about how Drake feels subsequently after making the conscious choice to not continue responding to Pusha T’s disses.

Prince added that Drake feels quite happy in his decision to not allow something that had already escalated quickly to escalate any further.

The CEO told TRL that “he’s definitely happy. You know, we know that was the right decision, because it was a decision where they crossed a line where music was concerned, and we don’t have no regrets about living in peace.”


The famous promoter later further elaborated on how Drake feels about those that choose to question his ability to compose lyrics.

“Drake is wise enough and sharp enough to know who he is, you know what I mean?” Prince explained. “He knows his abilities, he know what he can do, and he willing to live with the decision he made on not getting in the pigpen.”

The very public feud between the pair began quite a number of years ago, but was reignited recently when Pusha released his highly anticipated Daytona album, and on it took shots at the “Hotline Bling” artist, to which Drake almost immediately responded with “Duppy Freestyle,” a direct diss on Pusha and the G.O.O.D. Music crew.

Then, in a publicity stunt akin to the barrage of memes created about Meek Mill during his and Drake’s very public feud, the Canadian rapper took to Instagram with a fake invoice, asking G.O.O.D Music for $100,000 for “career revival,” an obvious shade to Pusha having not released a project in quite some time, and now being wrapped up in a very publicly covered feud with one of the most recognized faces in popular music today.

Only time will tell now if Drake decides to address what has transpired recently in his life through music. His forthcoming album, Scorpion, is slated to release this Friday, June 29.

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