‘Days Of Our Lives’ Star Victoria Konefal Discusses Ciara’s Relationship With Ben

Many fans of the NBC soap opera Days of our Lives believe that Ciara Brady and Ben Weston may become the next super couple. Although it does seem to be soap opera style to pair good girls up with the bad boys, it may be too early to tell whether or not Ciara and Ben will hit it off.

Ben Weston, a known serial killer, has been taking care of Ciara Brady who is suffering from a broken leg after crashing her father’s bike. One thing that Days viewers have been quick to point out is that there is a bucket-load of chemistry between the two characters. As fans of the show watch them together, many of them have gotten used to this new romanticized version of the “Necktie Killer.”

Victoria Konefal, the actress who plays Ciara, discussed the unlikely pairing of Ciara with Ben in an interview recently published by TV Insider. When asked what ran through her head when she first learned she would be working with Robert Scott Wilson, who plays Ben Weston, Konefal stated that she was excited about the addition of drama to her scenes.

“I love the craziness of his character and was curious to see how they’d work him into Ciara’s story. Robert’s incredibly talented. He dives into his work and seeing that made me really excited to be acting with him.”

The fact of the matter remains that Ben Weston wreaked havoc on Salem when he killed off several favorite Days of our Lives characters. Victoria Konefal claimed that, when working out scenes with Robert Scott Wilson, she had to stand back and remain objective about Ciara’s motives.

“Why does Ciara care about him? What is the real reason she’s looking past this terrible history of his and why is she trying to create this friendship with him? Once I got those answers, I worked from there. I know what Ciara’s intentions are.”

Konefal commended the Days writers on their decision to place Ben and Ciara in the very same cabin where he committed some of his most heinous acts. The concept puts Ciara in a terrified state of mind due to “Ben’s history and the history of the cabin.”

In the interview with Victoria Konefal, she mentioned that the quips and slight humor are written into the script to intentionally humanize Ben to Ciara, as well as to the Days of our Lives viewers.

Days is known for its truly romantic couples, but Victoria doesn’t feel that Ciara is ready to find her true pairing this early in her life. Konefal revealed that it’s “getting way ahead to think of Ben and Ciara as a romantic couple.”

Ciara feels betrayed, however, she still misses Tripp and their friendship. What he did with Claire was devastating, but Konefal pointed out that there may be “room to make up for what happened” once Ciara has all of the facts.

“Once that hurt goes away, she’ll be in a less clouded state of mind and can make her decisions more rationally… There’s room for reconciliation.”

Days fans are still concerned about Ben’s sanity, and at this point, so is Ciara. She really hopes that he has changed, but “you never know what is going to happen.” Victoria divulged that she hopes Ben never goes back to his old ways. “After what’s happened with Theo and Wyatt, she’s been betrayed.” If Ben were to betray her as well, Ciara may never be the same. “Being betrayed again,” Konefal said, could “push her over the edge.”

Days of our Lives airs weekdays on NBC.

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