‘Pawn Stars’ Set Up In-Shop Tribute For ‘Old Man’ Harrison Following His Death

Although we are only a day removed from the passing of Richard Harrison, the family patriarch of the highly recognized television program Pawn Stars, it seems as though the “old man” will have a legacy that will continue on despite his passing.

TMZ reported that in lieu of his death, a small memorial was set up inside of the famed shop for employees, as well as the thousands of daily visitors who come to see the famous buy and sell establishment firsthand, to pay their respects to Harrison.

The memorial itself was set up in a corner of the expansive pawn shop and exhibits significant pieces from the old man’s daily life, including items many fans of the show would be very familiar with.

These include Harrison’s brown leather armchair, his everyday coffee mug, as well as his iconic fedora. Alongside these are other pieces from his office, including photos, drawings of him, and the flag bestowed upon a deceased former member of the armed services, as well as a life-sized cutout figure of the “old man” himself standing directly next to the chair.

The report also stated that countless fans have come in and out of the shop since news of Harrison’s passing to weep and express their condolences. The source for TMZ went on to explain that plenty of people have even brought flowers to lay down at the memorial in his honor.

The shop, located in Las Vegas, Nevada, is famous for its History Channel debut show and has amassed what is akin to a cult-following of fans who regularly enjoyed watching the antics of the Harrison family (and other employees) as they bartered and sometimes even bought some of the rarest and most iconic items in history, all in one of the most famous cities in America.

The show originally aired in 2009 and grew in notoriety quickly for its eclectic showcasing of items from across time, as well as sourcing countless experts and other means to help determine the authenticity of everything and deem its true value.

Aside from the enjoyment viewers experienced from watching the antics of the Harrison family, the show also sought to teach valuable lessons about many historical occurrences throughout written history, and it did so in an easily digestible way that made it a great middle ground for those who enjoyed the educational nature with some comic relief and real world-ness.

Richard “Old Man” Harrison was 77 years old at the time of his passing, having lost a long but well-fought battle with Parkinsons Disease.

The store will remain open all week, albeit for a few hours when the memorial ceremony takes place. The family has also asked that any inclination for donation in the wake of Harrison’s death be made out to the Epilepsy Foundation, a group dedicated to combatting a disease his son Rick, current shop owner, was afflicted with as a child.

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