‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Nelle Faces Chase, Sonny Comforts Carly As Her Curiosity Escalates

Carly is doing her best to be patient while she remains stuck in Ferncliff since she knows that Jason is trying to find a way to get her home again. General Hospital spoilers hint that she’ll become quite interested in figuring out who is in the room next to her and viewers will see a lot related to Carly during Tuesday’s episode.

General Hospital spoilers detail that Sonny will visit Carly during the June 26 episode. He will promise his wife that once she is out of Ferncliff, Nelle is going to pay for what she has done. Granted, that probably will not help Carly feel much better at this point as she continues to be stuck there with no end in sight.

The mystery regarding who is in the room next to Carly is heating up and General Hospital spoilers hint that she will become quite invested in trying to figure out who’s there. Previews via Twitter show her knocking on the wall, asking if the person is trying to tell her something. SheKnows Soaps teases that she’ll be feeling surprised during Tuesday’s show, and later in the week, she’ll be especially curious.

Nelle has felt as if she’s pulled off the plan she designed in this situation but realizing that Chase was in Port Charles threw her off of her game. General Hospital spoilers reveal that the two of them will have a little chat during Tuesday’s episode, and he’ll tell her that he’s sure she thought she had dodged a bullet before.

She may not have anticipated this complication of Chase being in town, but teasers suggest that Nelle will bounce back quickly and be ready to push back against whatever he tries to dole out to her. General Hospital spoilers note that Chase will give in somehow during the next show, and given a tease from Executive Producer Frank Valentini via Twitter, it sounds as if this may connect to Dante.

Also ahead on Tuesday’s show, Josslyn will be telling someone a small lie and Drew will be doing something major for Oscar. Francesca has something to share with Michael, and the buzz is that she will open up to him about how Bensch had harassed her too.

Julian and Alexis face an awkward moment, as he ponders whether she might be issuing a subpoena for him, and Ava will mention something to Griffin about the lengths she would go to in order to avenge Kiki if needed. Kiki will be making arrangements to meet someone and Franco will talk with Elizabeth about how it seems too late to help the gal he thinks of as a daughter.

General Hospital spoilers hint that things will get pretty wild over these next few episodes as there are twists and turns, along with at least one surprise appearance, set to shake things up in Port Charles. Fans won’t want to miss these hot summer storylines and additional spoilers will emerge over the coming days.

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