John-David Duggar Is Courting Abbie Grace Burnett, Twin Sister Jana Still Hasn’t Found Love

John-David Duggar just shocked fans of his super-sized family by announcing that he’s entered into a courtship. It’s long been assumed that his twin sister, Jana, would get married first, but it looks like the self-proclaimed “bachelor until the rapture” is going to beat her to the altar.

On Tuesday, Us Weekly reported that John-David Duggar, 28, is officially courting Abbie Grace Burnett, 26. John-David revealed that he and Abbie have “known of each other for several years,” but Abbie said that sparks didn’t start flying until her beau — who is a licensed pilot — flew to her home state of Oklahoma to attend a church event.

“We really got connected then,” Abbie said.

According to John-David, their feelings for each other didn’t develop slowly; theirs was a whirlwind romance.

“We fell in love very quickly and it’s been a wonderful journey thus far,” the Counting On star revealed.

According to the now-deleted BurnettFamily10 blog that was once run by Abbie Grace Burnett’s family, she had seven siblings as of 2010, including a brother whose hyphenated name is strikingly similar to that of her future husband. On the archived “About” section of the blog, her brothers and sisters are listed as John-Clay, Hannah, Caleb, Charity, twins Maggie and Carinna, and Benjamin.

According to the TLC website, Abbie works as a nurse, which makes her an ideal match for volunteer first responder John-David. She currently resides in Oklahoma, while John-David lives in Arkansas with his family. There’s no word on where the couple plans on living if they get married.

Even though Duggar fans were thrilled to learn about John-David Duggar’s courtship, some of them couldn’t help but express disappointment that his twin sister isn’t the one who will be getting engaged and married in the near future. When the Duggar family teased that they had “exciting news to share” on their Facebook page, this got fans’ hopes up for Jana.

“I was hoping for Jana, but that’s ok. I’m happy 4 her,” read one response to the courtship news.

Fans may be surprised that John-David is getting married before his twin sister does because he once joked about how he plans on being a “bachelor until the rapture,” while Jana has made it abundantly clear that she would love to be married. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the oldest Duggar daughter has admitted that waiting for her “Prince Charming” to come along “is not always easy,” especially when she’s left at home while her siblings and their spouses go out on fun couples’ date nights.

Now that John-David Duggar is in a courtship, maybe Jana won’t be single for long. According to In Touch Weekly, some fans have speculated that she’s only remained single as long as she has because she wants to get married around the same time that her twin brother does. If this popular fan theory is correct, perhaps the Duggars will be making another big announcement in the near future.

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