‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 8: Here’s How HBO Is Making Sure Spoilers Aren’t Leaked

Keeping things under wraps has always been a major issue for HBO in relation to its juggernaut epic fantasy series, Game of Thrones. Over the years, countless onset images have been leaked as well as scripts and even entire episodes of the TV series. Now, ahead of the final season of Game of Thrones, HBO has tightened its security even further in order to avoid spoilers for Season 8, according to Junkee.

There are many ways in which this security is upheld leading into Season 8. According to an interview Joe Dempsie (who plays Gendry) did with Metro earlier this month, not even filming schedules are given out freely.

“I mean security in terms of plot and scripts and any information pertaining to where we might be shooting at any given time. During the whole course of Season 7 and Season 8 I have never laid eyes on a shooting schedule.”

Dempsie also reiterated a security device earlier revealed by this Inquisitr article in that hard copies are no longer given out. Instead, access to digital copies is granted to those who require them. Joe revealed further that the scripts are given out via a digital script app that is “triple locked.”

However, regardless of who gets scripts, shooting each scene can become an issue when there are fans out there who are dedicated to taking snaps of onset action. Junkee has revealed that this has been counteracted by erecting giant walls around sets in order to keep snap-happy fans at bay.

As yet, there appears to be little information on how HBO will keep finished episodes of Game of Thrones under wraps since some previous years’ episodes have been leaked prior to the release date. However, it seems very likely, with the added measures already in place that HBO has a contingency plan for this, too.

One of these contingencies may be the filming of multiple endings for Season 8 of Game of Thrones. While HBO’s President of Original Programming, Casey Bloys, has previously said that they will be filming multiple endings according to Uproxx, other outlets have suggested this might not be occurring.

The Game of Thrones fansite, Winter Is Coming, has stated that Hannah Murray (who plays Gilly) didn’t think there were multiple endings being shot for Season 8. Emilia Clarke (Daenerys) suggested if there were multiple endings being shot, she isn’t involved in them, although she did seem to agree with the notion of multiple endings and secret filming schedules according to The Insider. Joe Dempsie also revealed that he thought he was only being told what he needed to know about the final season of Game of Thrones. He didn’t say one way or the other whether the filming of multiple endings was possible or not according to another article by The Insider.

Regardless of whether HBO is filming multiple endings or not, with all this heightened security, it seems like fans of Game of Thrones will just have wait until the Season 8 premiere in 2019 to find out how the final season plays out.

Season 8 of Game of Thrones will air on HBO. As yet, no official premiere date has been made beyond 2019. However, Maisie Williams did let it slip during an interview with Metro that Season 8 will premiere in April of that year.

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