Britney Spears’ Son Jayden Steals Her Phone To Play Hilarious Prank On Her

Just because his mom is famous doesn’t stop Jayden James Federline from playing pranks on her.

Earlier today, Jayden stole his mom Britney Spears’ phone and began recording himself. In the video, the 11-year-old holds the phone up to his face as he whispers and covers his mouth with his finger. He explains to fans that his mother forgot her cell phone at home when she went on a shopping trip and he is going to scare her when she walks in.

Jayden then walks over to his mom’s closet as an unsuspecting Spears stands there looking at a robe. Jayden sneaks up behind her and yells as Spears then turns around quickly and yells her son’s name while pointing her finger. But the video does have a happy ending, with Britney smiling at the camera after the prank and simply saying “not funny” to her son.

The video was posted to Spears’ Instagram account a few hours ago and had already received a ton of attention with over 767,000 views and over 4,000 comments. Many fans were quick to comment on the cute video and let Spears know that her son is hilarious, while countless others found the video totally relatable.

“Haha. Even queen Brit has the mom voice! Love this! Mama of boys,this happens so much.”

“Couldn’t tell how much he looked like you until I saw him talk and his facial expression! Beautiful babies,” another wrote.

It does not appear that Britney’s other son, 12-year-old Sean Preston, was in on the prank with his brother as he is nowhere to be seen. It is also unclear whether or not Britney pulled the plug and posted the video for all of her 20-million-plus Instagram followers to see or if her son Jayden did.

But as of late, not everything has been fun and games for Britney Spears. As the Inquisitr reported last week, the mother of two is caught up in a heated legal battle with her ex, Kevin Federline. K-Fed is reportedly asking Spears for more money in both spousal support and child support to help take care of himself along with their kids, Sean and Jayden.

A source close to Spears said that Britney is not taking Kevin’s request well and her family is afraid that she may have another meltdown if things do not get sorted out quickly.

“She’s freaking out over this court deposition and doesn’t see an end in sight to all the ugliness with Kevin.”

Currently, Federline is receiving $20,000 a month in support but is seeking more.

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