Heather Locklear Arrested For Allegedly Hitting, Kicking Police Officer, Faces 2 Misdemeanor Charges

Last night Heather Locklear was arrested again after a family member had to call the police because she was reportedly intoxicated and ranting after being released from a psychiatric hold in the hospital after a similar incident last week. This latest arrest is part of a pattern of substance abuse and domestic violence.

TMZ says that Locklear was taken into custody last night after a 911 call brought the police and ambulance to the actor’s home. A family member called for help concerning a domestic disturbance, and things got tricky according to TMZ after Heather lashed out.

“The original 911 call was for a disturbance. Law enforcement sources say she was heavily intoxicated when a family member called. Heather, who we’re told was extremely agitated, punched a responding deputy who was trying to separate Heather from members of her family.”

While the EMTs were putting Locklear on the stretcher, she kicked a paramedic before being taken to the hospital to be checked. She was found fit to be transported to the police station where she was booked for two counts of assault and is being held on $20,000 bail.

Locklear was placed on an involuntary 5150 psych hold last week by her parents after she reportedly assaulted them.

Police sources say that before Heather Locklear was taken into custody for the psych hold last week, she got into a public fight with her fiance in a parking lot near her Westlake home. After calls, police arrived and recognized her white Porsche.

“The call came in describing an incident involving a female and a white Porsche.”

Bystanders said the couple was getting loud as additional police cars arrive.

“It was explosive, and everyone was looking to see what was going on. Cops were everywhere.”

Police said that they were able to diffuse the situation which involved Heisser complaining about Locklear’s “erratic” behavior, and Locklear accusing her fiance of cheating.

Two days later police arrived at the Locklear home and found the actor in need of medical attention. Police referred to Locklear as “agitated and violent.”

“When they responded, they discovered a patient who needed medical help. That person was evaluated there and was later transported to a local hospital for further treatment.”

Friends have spoken out recently to say that they don’t think Heisser is good for Heather’s sobriety and say that he has alienated her from her friends and family. Locklear was previously married to musician Richie Sambora and they have one daughter, Ava.

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