Latest WWE ‘Top 10’ Ranks The Biggest Surprise Superstar Reveals, Including Sting’s Surprise On ‘Raw’

The WWE’s Top 10 is a very popular show released across social media networks and the company’s website. The WWE show ranks Top 10 moments in wrestling history, and at least one episode is usually released during the week. The WWE recently released the latest episode ranking the biggest superstar reveals. Listed below are the rankings of the top five surprise moments, and you can watch all 10 in the video below.

Holiday Hijinks

Coming in at No. 5 is a spot that occurred at the inaugural WWE Tribute to the Troops in 2003. Vince McMahon, known then as Mr. McMahon, was in the ring cutting a promo on someone who was dressed as Santa Claus, and that someone turned out to be “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. Anytime Austin makes an appearance he gets a huge pop, but the crowd was louder than usual during this spot. After Vince hit “Santa” from behind, he then revealed himself, and Steve Austin nailed McMahon with a stunner.

Game Goes Bizarre

On an episode of Raw in 1999, Kane was set to square off against Goldust. As Goldust entered the ring, he shot a ball of fire in Kane’s face, and revealed himself to be Triple H in disguise. He then continued to attack “The Devil’s Favorite Demon” and the referee.

Not Asuka…Duh!

While many of these Top 10 WWE moments feature some nostalgic spots from the past, No. 3 is very current. During WWE Money in the Bank just one week ago, Carmella defended the WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship against Asuka. At the end of the match, a person dressed as Asuka distracted “The Empress of Tomorrow” and Carmella seized the opportunity to retain the title. It turned out that the Asuka impersonator was none other than Carmella’s old manager, James Ellsworth, returning to the WWE after being gone for six months.

Sting Unveiled

During an episode of Raw in 2015, then WWE champion Seth Rollins was in the ring cutting a promo with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. A statue was supposed to be unveiled to tribute Rollins, but instead, they got Sting.

Higher Power

Coming in at No. 1 is a reveal featuring another famous Vince McMahon segment. During 1999, The Ministry of Darkness, led by the Undertaker, was hired by a “higher power” to terrorize “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. During this time, the Undertaker and his cronies brutalized Steve Austin and other WWE personalities, including Vince’s daughter, Stephanie McMahon. The Ministry even attempted to sacrifice Stephanie on a cross during a satanic ceremony.

On an episode of Raw that same year, the “higher power” was revealed. The Ministry and Shane McMahon were in the ring being addressed by Vince, who was speaking to them on the WWE Titantron. Vince demanded that the demonic, mysterious “higher power” reveal himself, and when he did, it was Vince McMahon himself.

Warning: The WWE video below contains some strong language.

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