Ubisoft’s ‘Mario + Rabbids’ Port Could Start A Trend Of Tailor-Fit Games For The Nintendo Switch

When Ubisoft released Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Nattle on the Switch, the well-known game developer created a unique game for the portable console. Due to its limited capabilities when compared to more powerful consoles — like the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One — the Nintendo Switch challenged Ubisoft to create a unique game specifically tailored for the much-loved gaming machine. The question now is whether the French video game publisher will continue to create tailor-fit games for the Switch or decide to bring its already-established franchises to Nintendo’s portable console.

At E3, Ubisoft’s CEO, Yves Guillemot, addressed questions about the future of the French game developer’s partnership with Nintendo, particularly its portable hybrid Switch console. One of the questions Guillemot expertly answered was whether Ubisoft would bring one of its franchises to the Switch. The CEO did not make any promises and avoided sharing any details about established titles being ported to the Nintendo Switch, as Nintendo Life shared.

“We need to make sure the brands are well adapted to the machine, and that they will fit with the public as well, when we decide to go on the machine we take into consideration those elements and also the capacity of the machine,” he said.

The portable console’s game library is growing rapidly every year. However, the Nintendo Switch’s limited power still makes it a bit difficult for game developers, like Ubisoft, to adapt some of their more popular franchises for the Switch — especially those that may need more juice.

According to Ben Kuchera from Polygon, Ubisoft stepped up to this challenge and ended up creating Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle. The turn-based tactical role-playing game surprised Switch gamers, based on reactions in the r/Games subreddit. Kuchera argues in his article that the Switch’s unique design challenges developers to think differently when creating games because adapting already-established titles for the portable console isn’t easy.

Given Kuchera’s observations and Guillemot’s answer at E3, maybe Ubisoft has decided to follow the path less traveled and make brand new games and establish never-before-seen titles for the Nintendo Switch. After all, the rave reviews of Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle proves that Ubisoft can create fun, engaging games within the limitations of the Switch by focusing on the portable platform’s strengths.

If more game developers were to follow in Ubisoft’s path, the Nintendo Switch’s game library would develop a unique personality of its own. One that could probably make it an even greater contender when pitted against classic consoles like Sony’s PlayStation 4 or Microsoft’s Xbox One.

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