Acorn TV Is Now Streaming The Family Dramedy ‘800 Words’ Season 3 [Spoilers]

The hit series out of Australia, 800 words is back on Acorn TV for Season 3. The streaming series which is the story of a widower George Turner who moves from Sydney to Weld, a small town in New Zealand, with his two teen children on a whim after the sudden death of his wife. While the show is humorous, it’s also heartwarming and poignant, touching on a number of relevant social topics.

The New York Times says that Turner, a writer, moves to Weld to slow his life down, but in Season 3, he finds that there are some things you can’t escape in life and when raising children. Season 3 opens with a search and rescue involving the life and death rescue attempt of three of the show’s characters, including Ike, the boyfriend of George’s 18-year-old daughter, Shay.

In his NYT review, Mike Hale said that the series teaches you far more than one would imagine.

“It’s amiable and touching, and it’s easy to get sucked in by its scenic and anthropological charms.”

In the series, George Turner continues to write his column (called 800 Words) for a Sydney paper, but now he is working for the local Weld daily too.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, American fans of 800 Words have been waiting for Season 3 for over a year, eager to find out what happened to the men on the boat, and who is the father of Jan’s twins. The production manager of 800 Words, Brad Lyons says that they feel they’ve just started telling George’s story.

“We feel the Turner family’s story is only just beginning. There is so much more in store and we can’t wait to share it with Australia, which has embraced this series with such a charming cast and brilliant production team.”

Now that George Turner is working for the Weld paper News of the Weld, he has additional responsibilities, which are helping to distract him from the fact that his children need him less and less. But George’s Weld friends need him because he is often the voice of reason.

This season, George is asked to help Woody handle a very delicate matter after he proposes but then realizes that he still has to end his marriage to his first wife whom he hasn’t seen in over fifteen years. He hadn’t mentioned his prior marriage, so he is trying to undo it without making “too much fuss.”

Season 3 of 800 words delves further into the interpersonal relationships within Weld, and it’s a recommended binge watch.

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