Emily Ratajkowski Rocks A Tiny Orange Bikini After Proving That Her Two-Piece Top Can Be Worn As A Shirt

Emily Ratajkowski has already posed for over two dozen swimsuit photos this year, so it’s hard to believe that summer just officially started a few days ago. Now that bikini season is in full swing, it looks like she might start posting even more pictures of her impressive beach body. After all, she has swimsuits to sell, and no one is going to do a better job promoting her beachwear brand than she is.

The 27-year-old model’s latest bikini snapshot was shared on the official Instagram account for her swimsuit line, Inamorata. In the image, the slender “Blurred Lines” video star is rocking a bright orange two-piece that shows off her toned stomach and long legs. Ratajkowski’s low-rise thong “Neptune” bottoms leave little to the imagination, but her “Vulcan” top actually keeps her famous cleavage covered up. The slightly baggy, off-the-shoulder bikini top features a small ruffle around the edges and elastic across the top and bottom that keeps it securely in place. It slightly resembles a shrunken peasant blouse.

The style might look familiar to those who closely follow Emily Ratajkowski’s Instagram page because it’s one she’s worn many times before; she kind of has to since her swimsuit line only includes three different styles of tops.

The Vulcan top made an appearance on Emily Ratajkowski’s personal Instagram page just a few days ago. As reported by Vogue, she showed potential customers just how versatile the bikini half can be by wearing it as a crop-top and strutting down a New York street. It comes in a variety of different colors and patterns, including dark blue with white polka dots. This is the playful version of the swimsuit top that Emily chose to wear as a shirt. She proved that the bikini can easily go from the beach to the street by pairing it with a light-wash denim miniskirt, a brown Prada belt, and classic black and white Nike Cortez sneakers.

The Vulcan top is also available in a breezy sea green hue, classic black, burgundy, leopard print, and a wild red snake skin pattern.

Emily Ratajkowski might spend a lot of time promoting her swimwear line by posing for bikini photos, but the brunette model is more than just pretty face and a perfect body. She can also act, with her previous movie credits including roles in the psychological thriller Gone Girl and the comedy I Feel Pretty.

As reported by the Daily Mail, the versatile actress can currently be seen starring alongside Game of Thrones actress Natalie Dormer in the violent thriller, In Darkness. Emily has talked about the possibility of her revealing bikini photos and topless snapshots potentially having a negative impact on her budding movie career, but it sounds like she isn’t going to stop posting them anytime soon.

“From the beginning, when I didn’t have as much popularity, I made the decision to be as honest as I could about who I am and what I believe, and I have never apologized for that,” she told Glamour. “I could have been like, ‘I’ll never post a sexy selfie again because I want people to take me seriously as an actress.'”

Luckily for Emily’s fans, she’s discovered that she can have it both ways.

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