Farrah Abraham Got Some More Plastic Surgery, Talks About How She Told Her Daughter About Her Arrest

Farrah Abraham is nothing if not a provocateur, and she proved that when she was recently arrested after allegedly verbally and physically assaulting a police officer in Beverly Hills not long ago. However, she stepped it up even more when she got some plastic surgery to commemorate the occasion.

According to Hidden Remote, Farrah Abraham showed off her new fillers shortly after she appeared on the MTV Movie and TV Awards red carpet with her daughter, Sophia, while acting like her recent arrest never happened. According to her, on the night she was arrested, she was partying with the likes of Mark Cuban and other millionaires while talking about her new business ideas.

Abraham’s latest surgery involves Botox and other face fillers.

Again, Abraham acted like nothing ever happened. This, of course, got a lot of criticism from her fans who claimed that her daughter, Sophia, was “suffering” with her as a mother.

However, even though she has faced a lot of criticism from fans of the show, the fact that she’s no longer employed by MTV means that she can do whatever she wants, even if “what she wants” is nothing but getting fillers in her face in her early 20s.

Regardless of the comments from the fans, however, Farrah Abraham said that she’s more interested in turning her mistakes into “teachable moments” for her daughter, according to an exclusive interview she did with Us Weekly.

When it came to her arrest, Abraham said that she explained “everything” that happened to her daughter Sophia. She said that it was important for Sophia to learn that certain actions have positive consequences, while other actions have negative consequences.

Abraham, too, believes that the people who had her arrested were trying to ruin her career.

“You can be so nice to a certain extent and then it’s like, ‘Whew.’ People will try to ruin your career and you do nothing to have that happen,” she said to the outlet, who was on site at the MTV Movie and TV Awards.

She went on to say that she was “very grateful” that no one got hurt, but she was in a “very confusing place” and she hoped that no one would have to go through that in the future.

Farrah Abraham will still have to answer for the charges that were brought against her as a result of the alleged assault, but it’s unclear when her day in court will be.

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