Abby Lee Miller Confirms She’ll Be On The New Season Of ‘Dance Moms’ Despite Terminal Illness

Despite her terminal illness and her quickly failing health, Abby Lee Miller has confirmed that she’ll be on the new season of the once-hit Lifetime television show, Dance Moms.

According to Radar Online, Abby Lee Miller let the cat out of the bag on Instagram earlier today, when she was wishing two of her students a happy birthday.

In the post, Miller confirmed that there will be a Season 8 of Dance Moms and that they would be going “someplace cold.”

The rumors about a potential Season 8 of Dance Moms have been swirling for months, but they weren’t really confirmed until Miller posted about it on Instagram.

The rumors about the return of the hit show first began swirling when Miller posted that she had some “amazing news” on June 15.

At that time, she posted a vintage picture of her in a London photo booth, teasing her followers that she had something great to tell them. Fans, at that time, went wild with speculation about the return of the hit show in the comment section of the posting, but she left them hanging for a few more days before confirming it with the birthday posting.

In May, Lifetime canceled the hit show after word of Miller’s cancer diagnosis was released to the general public. However, the show now seems to be coming back.

What’s interesting — and unclear — however, is what role Abby Lee Miller’s cancer will play in the new season of the show.

A source close to Miller, at the time, said that despite her terminal cancer diagnosis, she was “desperate” for any angle to get back on television. While it’s unclear if the cancer angle was the one that got her back on television, it looks like she’ll be returning soon.

Lilliana Ketchman, 10, and Elliana Walmsley, 11, will be two of the many dancers that will be a part of the eighth season of Dance Moms.

Abby Lee Miller’s return to television is nothing if not triumphant, especially since she left television in such a disgrace after she was convicted of the federal charge of bankruptcy fraud. She was sentenced to a year and a day for her crime, which she served in the Victorville federal prison.

Miller has been very outspoken against the prison, in the past, and blamed them for not helping her get diagnosed with cancer in time to get real treatment.

However, Abby Lee Miller seems to be on a road to recovery now.

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