Nicole Murphy Shares Bikini Diet And Weight Loss Tips

Nicole Murphy is a 50-year-old mom of five who maintains her sizzling bikini body with a healthy diet and daily hour-long workouts.

The former wife of actor Eddie Murphy wasn’t always a fitness buff but started exercising after her second pregnancy, when she had trouble losing the baby weight.

Nicole said she got lucky after regaining her pre-baby body naturally and quickly after her first pregnancy. But things went downhill for the former model after she got pregnant four more times.

“When I first had my first baby, I wasn’t even thinking about working out. I didn’t go to the gym,” Nicole told Sway In the Morning. “Then the more kids I started having, it was like, ‘I need to work out because I’m not the same.'”

‘I Want to Stay Healthy And Fit’

Now, Murphy hits the gym five to six days a week, combining cardio exercise with weightlifting workouts.

While she eats well and exercises to look her good in a bikini, her true motivation is to be healthy and live long enough so she can enjoy her future grandchildren, she revealed on Twitter.

Nicole typically follows a low-carb, low-sugar diet that emphasizes whole foods instead of processed junk. Murphy doesn’t believe in restrictive diets or deprivation, and enjoys her favorite snack foods in moderation.

“Not on a restrictive diet,” Nicole tweeted. “I just make healthy choices.”

Murphy works out an hour a day, saying there’s no excuse to not set aside 60 minutes a day to improve your health. It doesn’t have to be a structured workout, and you can do it at home.

“Just work out. It’s only one hour out of your day,” Nicole said. “There’s no excuse.”

Murphy said her top goal now is to maintain her striking looks. Nicole, who broke off her engagement to Good Morning America host Michael Strahan in 2014, said she’s not desperately trying to cling to her youth, but just wants to look good for her age.

“I want to maintain,” she said. “I’m 50 now, so I want to inspire other women. Just because you’re 50 doesn’t mean it’s over. I’m not trying to look 21, but I want to look good for myself and whoever my mate is going to be.”

Nicole has admitted getting breast implants but said she’s not a plastic surgery addict. Murphy said diet and exercise should be the first line of defense if you want to look and feel your best.

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