Meghan Markle’s Father, Thomas Markle, Says He’s Being ‘Frozen Out’ Of The British Royal Family

For all of his claims about his “interest” in his infamous royal daughter’s life, Thomas Markle — Meghan Markle’s father — seems to be enjoying his time in the spotlight all too much.

And it’s for this reason, according to the Daily Mail, that the controversial father of the Duchess of Sussex fears he’s been “shut out” of the British Royal Family.

Thomas Markle decided to “set the record straight” by going on Piers Morgan’s morning show in the UK, where he was especially concerned about how he was perceived now that he missed the so-called “Royal Wedding” and was revealed to have staged the paparazzi photos of himself before the wedding.

Thomas said that thanks to those actions, he hasn’t heard from anyone else in the Royal Family since — and, sadly, his daughter didn’t even send him a card for Father’s Day, a thought that caused the elder Markle to be “hurt” by his daughter’s actions.

Markle went on to say that he’s yet to meet Prince Harry, and he’s “desperate” for that to happen before he dies.

It was unclear why Thomas Markle was so desperate to reconnect with his daughter, especially since he never mentioned an illness of any kind prior to this conversation.

When contacted by the Daily Mail for a comment, Kensington Palace refused to issue an official statement on the matter, which is, perhaps, interesting in and of itself.

But according to Thomas Markle, who wasn’t afraid of sharing what he called “private, bombshell conversations” between himself and his new royal son-in-law. According to Markle, Prince Harry told him that he was pro-Brexit, and that he was willing to “give Donald Trump a chance.”

These claims are considered “bombshell” because the Royal Family must always remain politically neutral. However, Prince Harry has been known to be vocal about his “pet causes” which are sometimes politically motivated.

This isn’t the first time that Thomas Markle has spilled all the proverbial beans about his royal daughter. Recently, he said that his daughter is “desperate” to have a baby, and will be pregnant very soon because of her desperation.

Thomas Markle went on to say that even though Harry is a prince, his daughter was a princess from the day she was born. He also hopes to reconnect with Meghan Markle so he can, eventually, meet Queen Elizabeth II, as that’s always been a dream of his.

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