Samsung Galaxy S10 And S10 Plus May Include 3D Face Scanner, In-Display Fingerprint Sensor, Triple Lens Camera

It’s not to soon to speculate about the particular features that will be standard for the next iteration of Samsung’s flagship phone line, the Galaxy S series. Currently one of the most popular phones in the world – with the Galaxy S9 having launched globally to great acclaim in an attempt to recapture the top spot from Apple’s iPhone – The India Times reports that Samsung is positioned to make some big moves.

A new report from South Korea indicates that at least a few major changes are likely to be present, differentiating the existing S9 line-up from next year’s S10 model, according to TechRadar. We can expect the smartphone manufacturer to drop the often criticized iris scanner in favor of a 3D face scanning technology, similarly to that currently on offer from Apple’s competing iPhone X, a wildly popular feature that has become the industry standard moving forward.

In addition to this, rumors indicate that there will be an inclusion of additional high-tech security features included in the Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus smartphone handsets, in particular, an in-display fingerprint scanner. Contrary to existing fingerprint scanners in the Samsung roster which require a physical area dedicated to scanning the user’s fingerprint, these new biometric sensors allow owners to place their fingerprint directly on the screen to unlock the device. This is particularly useful in instances where the smartphone in question has a high screen-to-body ratio with slim or thin bezels.

With another rumor coming from TechRadar that next year’s Galaxy offerings will have an extremely narrow bezel, or perhaps none at all, this seems like an obvious move for the South Korean tech titans. Opting for an all-display look – and eliminating the bezel entirely – is an aggressive choice that would be visually appealing and add an intangible cool factor that is hard to argue against. There is no confirmation one way or another surrounding these leaked reports and all speculation remains precisely that.

Additionally, Android Authority is openly speculating as to whether or not Samsung could be echoing Huawei’s recent campaign to persuade consumers of the value of having a triple-lens rear-facing camera, potentially including their own on the S10 and S10 Plus.

Huawei’s P20 model completely dominated the S9 in terms of camera quality when put to the test by Gizmodo; there can be little doubt that Samsung will seek to respond considering that they both occupy spots in the premium marketplace with similar price points for their top of the line smartphones.

Unfortunately for Huawei, a very expensive advertising campaign was thwarted when major retailers backed out of stocking their P20 Pro, aligning with the pressure exerted by the United States government. FBI Director Chris Wray was quoted by Gizmodo as of February this year as stating that the intelligence community does not trust Huawei and ZTE phones – devices from Chinese manufacturers – on American telecom networks, implying they may be siphoning user data overseas.

That’s good news for Samsung, however, as they may take advantage of the time that the American market is less congested with further competition to introduce some of these bigger features in next year’s release. With the S9 widely having been panned as an incremental improvement over the S8, the stakes for the S10 are much higher, and Samsung’s top brass simply has to be aware of this fact.

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