Fergie Was Welcomed Into The Royal Box At Ascot Ahead Of Princess Eugenie’s Wedding

Sarah Ferguson, or Fergie, aka the Duchess of York, seems to be moving back into the fold as the wedding of her daughter with Prince Andrew, Princess Eugenie, creeps up. Fergie and Prince Andrew have been divorced for over 20 years, but for some time, Fergie was on the outside looking in when it came to royal events, especially when Queen Elizabeth was involved. But the deep freeze toward Sarah Ferguson seems to be thawing as she was invited to the wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, and was a guest in the royal box at Ascot last week, and came with Prince Andrew and their daughter, Princess Beatrice.

Town & Country reported that Princess Beatrice held mother Sarah’s hand as the two curtsied to Queen Elizabeth when they approached the royal box at Ascot in Berkshire. Fergie wore a navy blue dress and hat, Princess Beatrice looked lovely in a cream-colored dress and tan hat and the queen wore a lime suit with matching hat.

Fergie was also photographed dusting what looked to be pollen off of Prince Andrew’s lapel while their oldest daughter, Princess Beatrice, looked on for day four of Royal Ascot.

The next big royal gathering will be Princess Eugenie’s wedding to Jack Brooksbank in October at the same church, St. George’s Chapel in Windsor.

Town & Country added some details about Fergie saying that she has remained close to Prince Andrew despite their split. Princess Eugenie has even boasted about Prince Andrew and Fergie’s divorce.

“They are the best divorced couple I know.”

Fergie has publicly said that she and Prince Andrew are still in love, and are still “together.” Despite their divorce, she is still the Duchess of York, and Prince Andre still retains the title the Duke of York, but Fergie was stripped of her HRH or “her royal highness” after the divorce became final.

Sources say that Fergie can thank Prince Harry, at least partly, for the royal family thaw.

“Harry knows all too well what it feels like to be branded as the black sheep of the Royal Family.”

Prince Philip was never a fan of Fergie, but Prince Harry reportedly believes in second chances.

“Prince Philip, who has always detested the Duchess of York, may never be in a forgiving mood. But Harry is far more compassionate than previous generations of royals, and he obviously believes Fergie deserves another chance.”

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