‘Southern Charm’ Star Kathryn Dennis Calls Out Ashley Jacobs On Twitter As Villain Hides Behind Fake Accounts

Southern Charm star Kathryn Dennis may not have interacted with villain Ashley Jacobs in a few episodes of the series recently, but that doesn’t mean there hasn’t been some sort of exchange online. Over the last week, Kathryn has called out three separate Twitter accounts who have slammed her character in various tweets. Kathryn, along with Southern Charm matriarch Patricia Altschul, believe these Twitter accounts are Ashley hiding behind fake profiles. Hundreds of fans have also begun to call out Ashley for posing behind fake accounts, and have even started a new catchphrase.

“Hi Ashley,” is the new and concise way to call out Twitter accounts the reality stars and fans believe to be the Southern Charm drama queen. Kathryn has replied to three Twitter accounts with the new phrase that fans are living for. The mother-of-two doesn’t give the alleged fake accounts any more attention than just the two words, but fans have a field day in the comment sections.

The first account to tweet at Kathryn suggested that Ashley would be vindicated in upcoming episodes and people would see the true Kathryn. After Kathryn responded with a “Hi Ashley,” fans left hundreds upon hundreds of comments under the tweet discrediting Ashley and calling the account fake and embarrassing.

The same day, Kathryn responded to another tweet which has since been deleted and even more fans began to realize the suspiciousness of it all. After a few days of silence in the “Hi Ashley” department, Kathryn found another account and wasn’t hesitant to call it out. The newest insult was a response to a tweet from Patricia, who shared an article regarding Kathryn and Thomas Ravenel’s current relationship.

“She is out to keep him hooked so she gets the money. She may be acting like ms goody two shoes. But the true one is still there it will come out again. It kind of has,” the mysterious account tweeted.

In addition to liking the “Hi Ashley” tweets from Kathryn, Patricia has addressed the fake accounts on her own Twitter page. On Saturday afternoon, Patricia tweeted that Ashley had multiple accounts created specifically just to troll Kathryn and another Thomas Ravenel ex, Luzanne Otte. Patricia even included proof in some screenshots showing Ashley had used her personal email to set up accounts.

Fans have become so invested in the “Hi Ashley” drama, that some of them are calling it the new “Bye Felicia” craze.

For now, Ashley has not responded to the drama surrounding the fake accounts and does not interact with the accounts either. Her avoidance of these mysterious accounts only makes the situation even more suspicious, as Ashley routinely likes comments which defend her and trash Kathryn.

To see how everything plays out on Southern Charm, watch when the hit show airs every Thursday night on Bravo.

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