Jill Duggar Rocks A Pair Of Shorts And Tank Top Impressing Fans With Her New Style

People are so used to seeing Jill Duggar in a dress or skirt for so many years that it’s almost a shock when she steps out in something else. She seems to have gotten the Jinger fever lately. Everyone was pretty shocked to see Jill in a pair of pants a few months ago. Now that warmer weather is here, she has opted to show off a little more skin. In the most recent photo that her husband, Derick Dillard, shared on his Instagram, the mom-of-two is seen rocking a pair of denim shorts and a nice green tank top.

Jill and Derick celebrated their four-year wedding anniversary on Thursday with a movie without their kids. They had some alone time and it looks like they spent it going out on a hike as well as the movie. The Duggar daughter chose a nice comfortable option for their adventure. Fans are excited to see that Jill has branched out to wear an outfit that is much more practical. They also commented on how cute she looked in it as well.

For anyone else without the Duggar name, this snapshot would be quite normal to see. However, it is always the talk of the internet when one of them actually scraps the skirt and throws on pants or shorts. The topic of modesty always rears its head in the comments. Most agree that it’s fun to see them show a little skin and yet keep their modesty, while a few question it.

It looks like Derick approves of his wife’s new style. He sent out this message along with the photo.

“I fall more in love with this woman every day. Love you @jillmdillard #hiking #alonetime #nokids.”

Another recent photo that was shared by both Jill and Derick revealed that she may have been wearing an actual swimsuit while playing in a pool with her two boys. The Inquisitr had the details on the reaction of fans when that was posted. Wearing a swimsuit is a no-no in the Duggar household. The girls are expected to don their usual dress attire, but the married girls are now taking on their own set of rules on what to wear these days.

Now that Jinger and Jill have chosen to do their own thing, there is a small chance that maybe their younger sister Joy will follow long. After all, she is now a married woman and a new mom. Plus she is known for being a tomboy in the past. However, she had previously mentioned that Austin likes to see her in dresses or skirts, so that is most likely what she will continue to wear.

As for Jill Duggar and her sister Jinger, they may just continue to surprise fans with their “daring” choices. Stay tuned to see what they will pull out of their closet next.

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