Kym Herjavec Opens Up About Post-Baby Body, Reveals Weight Loss Secrets Two Months After Twins

Former Dancing with the Stars professional dancer and new mom Kym Herjavec (nee Johnson) is opening up her 2-month-old twins and revealing how she’s getting her body back in shape and losing weight just two months after giving birth. Kym spoke about her babies and weight loss secrets for the first time in a new interview with Entertainment Tonight, where she revealed that she’s already lost some weight simply by looking after her twins without even working out.

Revealing that her doctors urged her not to work out for the first six weeks after giving birth to her new babies, Kym told the outlet that during that time all she did was take care of her babies but actually managed to drop a couple of pounds just from tiredness and running around after her newborns.

“I did lose quite a bit of weight that first six weeks just from sheer exhaustion and taking care of two twins. So, that just happened naturally,” Herjavec explained of her initial weight loss, adding that she believes the support garments she got from the hospital also helped her to strengthen her stomach muscles.

“It was just eating well and staying hydrated and the sheer exhaustion of looking after babies in that first six weeks,” she added.

Since then, Herjavec has started to work out once again and is currently doing Pilates to help her shed the extra pounds she gained during her pregnancy after doing a few prenatal sessions while expecting her twins.

“I just eased myself [back] into it, because you have to really start all over again, and I love that. I’m starting to feel like I’ve got abs; I’m starting to feel my abs again,” Kym continued, talking about hitting the gym. “And then I’ve just been doing a little bit of cardio.”

Daily Mail reported that Herjevec shared a few work out videos with her fans while she was pregnant with her babies, even proudly showing off her bump in a sports bra and leggings as she lifted weights during her second trimester in one video she posted.

Herjavec also told ET this week that she’s been incorporating her babies into her workouts to get her pre-baby body back, admitting that one of her new favorite moves to get in shape includes doing squats while holding her twins in her arms.

“It is really fun to do little things with the babies, like squats, or even holding the babies is a workout,” the former DWTS pro said of getting back to work exercising now that she’s a mom.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, the star shared a video to her official Instagram page earlier this week showing her doing curtesy moves while holding a baby in each arm like a weight.

But while she may be back to working out, Kym explained that she’s not putting too much pressure of herself to snap back into shape right away and is taking things a little slower when it comes to dropping the baby weight.

“I’m trying to take it slowly and enjoy the babies,” Herjavec, who met her husband when they were paired up together on Dancing with the Stars Season 20 in 2015, said. “I think that’s the key — not to put too much pressure on yourself and know that your body will come back.”

Kym also spoke to the site and husband Robert Herjavec are adjusting to their new lives as parents to their newborns, explaining that her Shark Tank star husband has been doing an amazing job taking care of them all – even helping her out by feeding her while she’s feeding their babies.

“I’m just so happy,” she added of becoming a mom. “I was just hoping that the babies would be healthy… and to have two beautiful, healthy babies is the most incredible thing.”

As the Inquisitr previously confirmed, Kym and Robert welcomed their twins – a baby boy and a baby girl – into the world on April 23.

The businessman then revealed their names in an Instagram photo, telling his followers that they had chosen the names Haven Mae Herjavec and Hudson Robert Herjavec for their kids. The twins are Kym’s first children, while Robert is already dad to Sky, Caprice, and Brendan from a previous relationship.

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