‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Kayla’s Success With Stefan Could Damage Her Marriage To Steve

In recent episodes of Days of Our Lives, a string of events has led to Steve Johnson’s (Stephen Nichols) complete loss of vision. As viewers of the NBC daytime drama may recall, it was John Black (Drake Hogestyn) who exposed Steve to the poison that claimed his sight.

An episode recap at the time, written by the Inquisitr, reminds us that John is consumed with guilt over his friend’s current predicament. When John heard that scientists at the ISA had developed a bionic eye, and a working prototype to boot, he couldn’t wait to deliver the news.

Steve was excited at the time and even began making future plans for regaining what he has lost. Unfortunately, there is one, not so small, issue. The ISA program Visionary Bionics had just been sold to DiMera Enterprises. Steve would rather live out the rest of his life in total darkness than be indebted to Stefan DiMera (Tyler Christopher).

Steve’s wife Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) doesn’t agree. She immediately went to see Stefan at the DiMera mansion. During the meeting, Stefan agreed to release the technology to Kayla if she provided something for him in return.

Stefan wants nothing more than to destroy Kate DiMera (Lauren Koslow) and, in exchange for the bionic eye technology, he asks Kayla to find dirt on his nemesis. Determined to help her husband regain his vision, she agrees to his terms.

On Thursday’s June 21 episode of Days of Our Lives, Kayla broke into Kate’s room looking for the identity of a mystery man who Kate “can’t be seen with.” She came up empty in her search until she was sitting in the Town Square with Steve, and speaking to Justin (Wally Kurth).

As luck would have it, the mystery man walked by the table, taunting Justin as he passed. When Justin confirmed his identity to Kayla as the man representing Leo Stark in the sexual harassment lawsuit against Sonny and Titan Industries, Kayla had all of the information she needed for Stefan.

Days of Our Lives spoilers from SoapHub suggest that Kayla finally has enough information to please Stefan and he gives her the bionic eye technology to help her husband.

Next week’s spoilers state that Kayla does deliver the excellent news to her husband. Knowing that Steve wouldn’t accept help from DiMera Enterprises, and would be furious if he knew the truth, she lies to him about how she got it.

The truth always has a way of coming out in Salem. Unfortunately for Kayla and Steve, this lie has the potential to destroy the trust between them. While Days viewers are waiting for this lie to blow up in Kayla’s face, Stefan will “put the screws to Kate by the end of the week.”

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