MoviePass Competitor, Sinemia, Releases Family Plan That Doesn’t Seem To Compete

It seems everyone is waiting with bated breath for MoviePass to go belly up. Since its inception with unlimited movies for $9.99 a month, MoviePass has been predicted to be on the brink of collapse. Although the movie ticket service has had its share of hiccups, MoviePass still remains in business.

Recently MoviePass announced a “surge pricing” policy it plans to implement in the near-future. Essentially, MoviePass will charge an approximate $2 surcharge for opening-weekend blockbuster movies. They also discussed prospects of adding in a 3D and IMAX surcharge option for subscribers, as 3D and IMAX movies are currently restricted by MoviePass. While such a policy would be a financial inconvenience to many cardholders, it’s still a far cry from what those patrons would spend buying individual movie tickets.

MoviePass competitor Sinemia, according to TechCrunch, sought to take advantage of the surge pricing announcement from MoviePass, rolling out a family plan, which gives customers, for its most extravagant two-person package, three movie nights per month for $29.99. While one of those movie nights could be an IMAX or 3D movie, it’s still a $10 per month increase from what MoviePass would offer the same customers, and cuts down the number of potential movies by approximately 27 movies per month, depending on the month. Although, in Sinemia’s defense, MoviePass subscribers would only get 25 more movies per month in February, except on leap years.

LA QUINTA, CA – APRIL 13: Sarah Zapp and Jessie Ware speak during the MoviePass x iHeartRadio Festival Chateau at The Chateau at Lake La Quinta on April 13, 2018 in La Quinta, California. (Photo by Joe Scarnici/Getty Images for MoviePass)

MoviePass proponents on Reddit were curious as to what, exactly, the benefit of switching from unlimited movies per month for $29.99, for two people would be, when current subscribers of MoviePass could get approximately 30 movies per month, for $9.99 each, totaling just under $20 before taxes.

Sinemia’s new family deal comes in the wake of AMC Theaters, perhaps the most vocal of MoviePass’s critics, rolling out their own subscription service, which MoviePass was similarly underwhelmed by. MoviePass recently tweeted their indifference to AMC’s attempt to compete.

However long MoviePass’ current model lasts, its owners seem set to remain cheeky for the duration. Furthermore, the theater chain disrupter has already beaten the spread in maintaining this evolving service. Many were predicting a fall before the first quarter of 2018. Even if MoviePass were to dissipate tomorrow, it may have already changed the theater landscape in the long-term.

While 30 movies per month may not be entirely sustainable, flat rate movie theater subscription services are here to stay, and the day of the $12-25 single movie ticket feels as though it’s gradually drawing to a close. For that, if nothing else, movie fans across the country are likely thankful for MoviePass.

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