‘Southern Charm’ Star Thomas Ravenel’s Girlfriend Gets Reprimand From Bravo

The drama going on behind the scenes of Southern Charm sometimes trumps the small scene craziness, even this season, where there have been knock down drag out fights. Things have been said that have shocked Bravo veteran Andy Cohen, who says he had never heard anything like it, even after producing the Real Housewives franchise for over a decade. Now the conflict going on off-screen concerns Thomas Ravenel’s Southern Charm season 5 girlfriend, Ashley Jacobs, and Bravo executives.

Fans of Southern Charm might have noticed that Ravenel has been abnormally quiet since it was announced that he was under investigation for rape and sexual assault charges. But that hasn’t stopped his frequent plus-one from the current season, Ashley Jacobs, from speaking on his behalf, on social media, with fans and press one on one, and even in Ravenel’s place on the Southern Charm reunion that was shot last week in New York City.

Now Bravo is trying to get Ravenel’s self-described “Cali Girl” to stop speaking ill of the show and of other cast members says Radar Online. Jacobs has been warned, but so far, the message has not sunk in, and tempers have been flaring about what is considered sabotage of the brand.

The rockier things get between the hospice nurse from Santa Barbara and Ravenel, the worse the vitriol gets between Jacobs and the rest of the Southern Charm brand. An insider says that Ashley Jacobs was told to cut it out.

“The production team called Ashley and told her to stop criticizing Southern Charm. She was warned not to attack the show that pays her boyfriend and paid her to attend the reunion show taping.”

Ravenel’s girlfriend criticized the show’s editing at the Southern Charm reunion, blaming it for the way she has been perceived by fans. She also spoke out about the way a video was edited where the men of Southern Charm complained that she had propositioned them. Jacobs insists she was joking when she hit on each man.

“There is truth to it, but hear me out first. You’d have to know my personality to know I’m a jokester! The boys even confronted Thomas about it on camera and Thomas laughed and said, ‘She does that to everyone!’ But that was edited out,” Ashley Jacobs said.

The Bravo production staff has been keeping an eye on Jacobs, as she has been reportedly reaching out to fans on Instagram who seem sympathetic to her cause. According to the Bravo staff, she has been bashing the show and its cast online.

“Ashley was told that her comments disparaging the show had to stop immediately.”

Southern Charm has two more episodes left this season, and Andy Cohen told ABC that Jacobs will be having more meltdowns on-air.

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