‘Days Of Our Lives’ June 22 Recap: Chad Takes Birthright, Gabi Seeks Revenge, Lani Told Of Baby’s Death

After being imprisoned at Statesville Penitentiary, Gabi finally returned to Salem on today’s episode of Days of Our Lives. As Sonny was explaining to Maggie that Victor had put Chad DiMera in charge of the company, Gabi walked into the main room of the Kiriakis mansion. She had been gone a long time and was excited to see her daughter Ari.

Maggie headed out to get Ari and returned to the room with her a short while later. When Ari saw her mother, she immediately snubbed her.

“No Mommy, I hate you.”

Gabi apologized to Arianna and explained to her that even though she had to be away for such a long time, she loved her and would never leave her again. Ari called her mother a liar, refusing to believe anything she said. Maggie ran off after Arianna as Gabi fell apart.

Gabi admitted to Sonny that she was thrilled to be out of prison, but she was having a hard time letting go of the anger against Stefan. Stefan stole her company, Gabi Chic, and planted evidence against her. She hated him with every fiber of her being.

Although Chad hates Stefan as well, it wasn’t the same. Chad despises his brother because of the things that he did to Abby. Gabi is also holding anger toward Abigail since she lied on the stand and was the reason she went to prison in the first place.

On the other side of Salem, the hearts of many Days of Our Lives viewers ached for the loss of Lani’s baby. Eli was still at the hospital, broken. His mother, Valerie wished she could have done more or could do more now. Lani was still unaware that their baby was gone. Val told her son that Lani would mourn and find a way to move through this and so would he. Eli felt that he had lost everything.

Lani woke up to her father watching over her. She was disoriented upon waking, but eventually realized that she was in labor and asked Abe where the baby was. She pleaded to see the baby.

Abe left the room to get Val’s medical opinion. Eli stepped up and said that he was the father and the news needed to come from him. Lani allowed him to be a part of the child’s life. They were partners and they were a team. He made a promise to be there for her and that is what he intended to do.

“She is going to need all of us but at this moment it has to be me.”

Eli walked into the room. “It was a boy,” he told her. “I’m sorry Lani, our baby didn’t make it. He’s gone.” Lani, completely distraught, wanted to see her son.

Days viewers know that Eli and Lani aren’t the only ones suffering from the baby’s death. JJ is suffering as well. He feels like it was his fault, and blames himself for not forgiving Lani when he had the chance. He knew she was supposed to avoid stress and he laid a guilt trip on her. He feels like he “willed it to happen.”

Brady and Eve walked into the DiMera mansion ready to partner with Stefan. They heard him on the phone with Kayla and were interested to know why he was gunning for Kate. The details of his phone conversation were not revealed in today’s episode of Days of Our Lives.

Eve looked over the paperwork and it wasn’t what they signed up for. She claimed it was a “bait and switch.”

There was supposed to be a partnership between Gabi Chic and Basic Back. Stefan’s paperwork outlined the purchase of Basic Black by DiMera Enterprises. Stefan changed the terms of their original agreement. Eve and Brady could either take it or leave it. Eve referred to Stefan as “slippery, sneaky and underhanded.”

Brady, however, was considering taking Stefan’s deal, offering him a chance to compete with Titan directly. Eve wasn’t convinced. She wanted time to look over the papers and have their attorney check things out.

A short while later, Brady was delivered papers. When he opened the envelope, he found that Theresa was suing him for sole custody of their son, Tate.

At the end of yesterday’s episode of Days of Our Lives, Chad visited Kate to inform her that he was taking over as CEO of Titan Industries. Days viewers watched today as Kate dropped a major bombshell on Chad.

Kate tried to convince Chad that he doesn’t want to take on the headache of rebuilding Titan. She told him that Titan could sink because Leo’s story was convincing. Chad vowed to destroy Leo and anyone else who was working with him. Kate admitted to Chad that Leo was working for her.

She informed Chad that Vivian orchestrated the plan to get revenge on Victor. That was what they were arguing about when Vivian died. Instead of turning Leo in for the scheme, she picked up where Vivian left off.

“Chad, there’s no reason to throw out the baby with the bathwater.”

Chad laid into Kate about family and friendship. Sonny was part of her family and he didn’t want to be a part of the plan.

Sonny might have been collateral damage, but Kate was working to retrieve everything that Stefan stole from them. She pointed out that if Sonny’s name was cleared, Chad would lose the CEO position and they would throw away their chance to take Stefan down, at the cost of Chad betraying his best friend.

Chad had a decision to make. That was when Kate handed him Stefano’s iconic ring.

“Stefan would do it and so would Stefano. Never forget, you are your father’s son.”

Stefan took Stefano’s name, but the ring was Chad’s birthright.

“You’re the chosen one. You’re the rightful heir. You’re the new Phoenix, meant to sweep up from all of the ashes that your brother has been dumping on our family ever since he came to Salem. You have been placed in a position to deal with Stefan. You need to stay there and do what needs to be done.”

Kate assured Chad that Sonny would be fine. She would make the lawsuit disappear if Chad focused on doing his job and taking down the “man who slept with his wife.”

At the end of today’s episode, Days viewers watched as Chad took the ring from Kate and put it on his finger, just as Stefano wore it.

Days of Our Lives airs weekdays on NBC.

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