Joy-Anna Duggar Shares Photo Of Josiah Holding Baby Gideon And His Infant Future Brother-In-Law

Joy-Anna Duggar might be one year younger than her big brother Josiah, but she’s the one helping him prepare for parenthood. The Duggar family is currently swimming in babies, so Josiah gets plenty of daddy practice anytime he hangs out with his relatives. And based on a photo that Joy-Anna recently shared on Instagram, it looks like he and fiancée Lauren Swanson will be good to go even if they become the first Duggar couple to have twins; Josiah has now proved that he can carry two babies like a pro.

Joy-Anna Duggar, 20, and her husband Austin Forsyth, 24, rarely post updates on their shared Instagram page, so Duggar fans were pleasantly surprised when the couple shared a new snapshot of their baby boy, 3-month-old Gideon. It was the first photo of their son that they’ve posted online in over a month and a half, but they didn’t pose in the picture with him. Instead, Uncle Josiah cradled the smiling, perfectly-posed baby in one arm for his sister’s Instagram photo. As reported by CafeMom, Josiah was holding another baby boy in his other arm when the picture was taken, and this prompted questions about where the 21-year-old Counting On star got the second “mystery baby.” According to Joy-Anna, the tot’s name is Duke, and he and Gideon almost share a birthday.

“I know these guys will grow up to be best buds!!! Uncle Siah with Duke & Gideon! (They were born 2 days apart),” Joy-Anna captioned the photo.

After Joy-Anna’s post was flooded with comments from confused fans asking her who Duke is, she identified him as Lauren Swanson’s little brother. This makes the tiny tot — who is the youngest of Lauren’s eight siblings — Josiah Duggar’s future brother-in-law.

Duke and Gideon aren’t the only babies that Josiah and Lauren will get a chance to interact with before they become parents. As noted by Joy-Anna, Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo will soon welcome a baby girl. Joseph Duggar and Kendra Caldwell became first-time parents when their son Garrett arrived early this month, and three other Duggar siblings — Josh, Jill, and Jessa — also have children aged under one year old. With that many babies in the family, Josiah and Lauren may need to set up a nursery at their wedding venue.

There’s no word on whether being around all these little ones has given Josiah and Lauren a case of baby fever or whether it has scared them away from having kids right away. Whatever the case may be, one thing’s for certain: When they do become parents, they can take comfort in knowing that their family members will have no shortage of parenting advice to share with them.

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