‘One Piece’ Chapter 909 Predictions: More Information About Im-Sama And The Next Light To Be Erased

The latest chapter of the One Piece manga introduced Im-sama. The mysterious man has a weird shaped body and eyes similar to Dracule Mihawk. With the way he was treated by the Five Elders, it is safe to say that Im-sama is the most powerful man in the World Government. Im-sama was last seen sitting in the Empty Throne, a historical seat surrounded by 20 swords that represent the kingdoms who founded the World Government.

No one was supposed to sit on the Empty Throne, but it could be a major hint that Im-sama is the king of kings in One Piece. Im-sama could be the leader of the 20 bloodlines who fought against the Ancient Kingdom during the Void Century. One Piece Chapter 909 is expected to feature more information about Im-sama and what will be his role in the popular manga.

There is a possibility that Im-sama is the one Donquixote Doflamingo was talking about in the previous chapter. At Impel Down, Doflamingo mentioned Mary Geoise’s secret treasure. While Doflamingo was having a conversation with Warden Magellan, Im-sama was first featured in front of a huge straw hat holding the wanted poster of Monkey D. Luffy. In his most recent appearance in the One Piece manga, Im-sama met with the Five Elders to have a discussion about the next light to be erased in the history.

So far, there are four characters who could possibly be the next target of the World Government. These include Luffy of the Strawhat Pirates, Marshall D. Teach of the Blackbeard Pirates, Princess Nefertari Vivi of Alabasta Kingdom, and Princess Shirahoshi of Ryugu Kingdom.

Luffy is an obvious target for the World Government. The Strawhat Pirates captain has done many things that stained the reputation of the World Government. Now that he gained the title as the Fifth Emperor of the Sea, Im-sama may finally think it’s time for the Five Elders to handle Luffy themselves.

The same thing goes for Blackbeard. Since becoming the Emperor of the Sea, Blackbeard continues to strengthen his military force, and has built a strong connection with powerful underground personalities. There is a high possibility that Blackbeard was the pirate Shanks recently discussed with the Five Elders.

Meanwhile, Vivi and the Nefertari family are considered traitors by the World Government. Despite his deteriorating health, King Cobra still decided to attend the Reverie to learn about the Poneglyphs and their participation in the Void Century. King Cobra is expected to reveal something in the Reverie that could anger Im-sama and the Five Elders.

The reason why Princess Shirahoshi could be a potential target is that the World Government must be aware that she is the Ancient Weapon Poseidon. Shirahoshi’s ability to call huge sea kings could pose a threat to the World Government, and they could be planning to assassinate her before she learns how to control her power.

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