‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Recap For Thursday, June 21: Bill Blackmails Steffy, Maya Warns Xander

Bold and the Beautiful recap for Thursday, June 21, states that Bill (Don Diamont) told Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) that she wasn’t going to marry Liam (Scott Clifton) because she is going to marry him. The media publications mogul insisted that it is a matter of time before Liam disappoints her again and that he will be there. Then he reminds her that it was her mother who shot him. Steffy orders him to leave and cannot believe that he has the audacity to blackmail her after causing her to fall and nearly losing the baby.

Instead, Bill takes it a step further and reminds her again of Taylor’s (Hunter Tylo) actions. He tells her that Liam actually wants Hope and that Steffy deserves better. According to She Knows Soaps, Steffy fetches Kelly and he tells her that her daughter is beautiful. She then asks him if he really wants to mess with this, and that he needs to stop all this. She moves away when he tries to step closer and tells him not to touch her. She believes that he won’t call the cops on her mother but Bill is insistent that he will go to the police if she marries Liam. Steffy says that she will tell Liam, but Bill refuses to budge.

Liam and Hope (Annika Noelle) once again discuss everything that went down prior to the baby’s birth. He tells her that he has written off Bill and that he can no longer influence him or his new family. Hope says that their story comes to an end because his child has to come first. Liam suggests that she may find someone in the future, but Hope lets him know that that person won’t be him.

Maya (Karla Mosley) doesn’t like Emma (Nia Sioux) and tells her cousin, Xander (Adain Bradley) that she will be keeping a close watch over her. She also tells her father, Julius, that she is concerned about Xander’s apparent interest in the intern. Xander sticks up for Emma and says she doesn’t even know who Bill is, so how could she be a threat. Maya warns that Bill has hurt the Forrester family, and he could hurt his own position at the company by associating himself with Emma.

Bold and the Beautiful recap states that Julius brings up Xander hiding his accent. Xander points out that he wants to leave that part of his life behind. He also mentions that it’s hard to move on when people have preconceived ideas of who you are.